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Let’s talk about sport Тема A2

А сейчас мы обсудим тему Let’s talk about sport предлагаемую для обсуждения на экзамене по английскому языку.

Сочинение на тему Let’s talk about sport

I am sure that many things in life should be treated with great consciousness. The more the better principle is not a wise approach when it comes to health care. Doing sport which implies being physically active is good. Overdoing I mean taking sport too seriously and becoming a professional is not so good. I reckon we should go in for armature sport only. Being a professional leads to suffering from injuries and constant fatigue. So my choice is to be involved in it in moderate amounts: regular training sessions with little competitive activity. As for kinds of sporting activity, my favourites are running, cycling, swimming and sport games such as tennis and volleyball. When you run or swim you develop your muscles and lungs in a natural way and don’t put an enormous pressure on your body. Tennis and volleyball are non contact sport games and you needn’t push your opponents to score.

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Июль 27, 2015
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