Тематическая лексика Friends and relations

Продолжаем работу с лексикой из учебника Destination B1. В данном случае работаем с темой Friends and relations

Упражнение на лексику по теме друзья и родственники

1.I must (apologize/recognise) to Ann for my rudeness.
2.Buses may be subject to delay — we (introduce/apologize) for any problems caused.
3.He’s not my (boyfriend/stranger) — we’re just friends!
4. Her relationship isn’t good with her father, but she’s very (single/close) to her great grand mother.
5.He feels (confident/independent) of becoming a success.
6.Have you met George’s new (girlfriend/mood)?
7.He looks really (divorced/cool) in that smart jacket.
8.He seemed (cool/private) and confident.
9.I wouldn’t (trust/rent) him with my laptop.
10.We’ve got some (guests/strangers) coming this evening.
11.You should show more (respect/couple) for your father.
12.I (apologise/respect) him for his bravery.
13.A (flat/guest) is a set of rooms for someone to live in on one level of a building or house.
14.They (decorated/respected) the room with flowers for her party.
15.He took me around the room and (decorated/introduced) me to the guests.
16.Doctors are trained to (recognize/rent) the symptoms of various illnesses.
17.I’d like to (introduce/trust) Rachel who is our guest speaker this evening.
18.I’m not really in the (flat/mood) for chatting at the moment.
19.I pay a higher (trust/rent) than the other tenants because my room is much bigger.
20.(Rents/guests) here are enormously high.
21.Each room has a balcony and a (private/generous) bathroom.
22.We had a very (ordinary/divorced) childhood.
23.A married (couple/boyfriend) is two people who are married.
24.She’s a very (loving/divorced) child.
25.She’s a proud, (independent/private) person.
26.They live in a friendly (neighbourhood/rent).
27.After the earthquake we felt (grateful/patient) to be alive.
28.(Relations/girlfriends) between him and his new wife were rather strained.
29.She tried to (defend/trust) herself with a knife.
30.John is a very (generous/close) man.
31.I’m just (grateful/independent) that I’m not still working for them.

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