Тематическая лексика Inventions and discoveries

Предлагаем упражнение для отработки лексики по теме Inventions and discoveries из учебника Destination B1

Упражнение на лексику по теме изобретения и открытия

1.My (automatic/digital) response was to pull my hand away.
2.The instructions were too (plastic/complicated) for me.
3.During the summer months, rainfall (involves/decreases).
4.They came to California hoping to (discover/operate) gold.
5.The accident had a huge (effect/screen) on her life.
6.You get an (artificial/automatic) promotion after two years.
7.They (estimate/run) that a hundred people were killed in the accident.
8.I’m afraid I can’t give you the (artificial/exact) details of the show yet.
9.There has been a (decrease/lack) in the number of violent crimes.
10.Modern (technology/effect) is amazing, isn’t it?
11.He had a (sudden/unique) heart attack while he was on holiday.
12.He’s written a piece of (laptop/software) that calculates your tax returns for you.
13.Write the letter on the computer, then you can make changes easily on (screen/technology).
14.I can (run/operate) a mile in five minutes.
15.They are doing (lack/research) into the effects of passive smoking.
16.If you (program/run) a computer, you give it a set of instructions to do something.
17.These new sewing machines are easy to (operate/discover).
18.(Laptop/screen) is a computer that is small enough to be carried around and used where you are sitting.
19.Her only problem is a (laboratory/lack) of confidence.
20.They’re conducting (experiments/equipments) on hamster cells to test the effects of the drug.
21.We’ve (invented/discovered) a new game.
22.The trips often (involve/lack) a lot of walking.
23.Language (software/laboratory) is a room in a college or school where you can use equipment to help you practise listening to and speaking a foreign language.
24.He put a sheet of (plastic/laptop) over the broken window.
25.(Hardware/research) is some equipment that your computer system is made from, not the programs.
26.(Lack/technology) of sleep had made him irritable.
27.Market (laboratory/research) shows that demand for small cars will continue to grow.
28.Did you (involve/run) a virus check this morning?
29.A (digital/sudden) clock or watch shows the time in the form of numbers.
30.Those flowers aren’t real — they’re made of (plastic/program).
31.The engine is (running/discovering) more smoothly now.

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Опубликовано: Июль 12, 2015
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