Тематическая лексика People and daily life

Закрепляем знания лексики по теме People and daily life и готовимся к сдаче ГИА с помощью Destination B1.

Упражнение на лексику по теме люди и повседневная жизнь

1.Both men (admitted/voted) taking illegal drugs.
2.He was (arrested/stolen) for possession of illegal drugs.
3.I won’t accept (prison/charity).
4.The suspect appeared in (court/community) charged with robbery.
5.It’s (familiar/criminal) that people are having to wait so long for hospital treatment.
6.It’s a good opportunity for children to learn about other (cultures/prisons).
7.This street doesn’t look (familiar/routine) to me.
8.The (charity/Government) has cut taxes.
9.Two tourists were (voted/robbed) at gunpoint in the city centre last night.
10.I’m (illegal/responsible) for looking after the children in the evenings.
11.He’s just eating out of (court/habit) — he’s not really hungry.
12.(Identity card/tradition) is a piece of paper or a card that shows your name, photograph, and information to prove who you are.
13.It is (familiar/illegal) to sell cigarettes to anyone under 16.
14.She’s planning to retire from (charity/politics) next year.
15.Who was (criminal/responsible) for the accident?
16.What’s the (population/culture) of Brazil?
17.He’s spent most of his life in (court/prison).
18.They’re on strike to (rob/protest) against job losses.
19.Staff have (arrested/voted) to accept the pay offer.
20.This style of painting is (responsible/typical) of Monet.
21.There is a strong (protest/tradition) of dance in St Petersburg.
22.He lost the election by twenty (votes/prisons).
23.(Identity card/youth club) is a place where older children can go to play sports and do other social activities.
24.Burglars broke into the house and (stole/protested) a computer.
25.Unemployment is a problem for (community/society).
26.I have a very good (social/routine) life.
27.I have a very busy (routine/schedule) today.
28.He’s in a difficult (habit/situation).
29.His job is very (routine/familiar).
30.He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn’t (commit/protest).
31.He longed to escape the (routine/resident) of an office job.

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Опубликовано: Июль 14, 2015
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