Тематическая лексика Sending and receiving

Сегодня мы работаем с лексикой по теме Sending and receiving из учебного пособия Destination B1 для подготовки к ГИА

Упражнение на лексику по теме Sending and receiving

1.The Prime Minister made an unexpected (announcement/Internet) this morning.
2.The concert will be (interrupted/broadcast) live next week.
3.Please make your request through the proper (channels/accents).
4.Can we make the sound any (clearer/more formal)?
5.To start the program, (click/pause) on its icon.
6.We keep in close (contact/website) with our friends.
7.Do you want to download all these (files/viewers)?
8.Yesterday Dave had a (formal/ugly) dinner party.
9.I have (a whisper/an image) in my mind of the way I want the garden to look.
10.It was (online/clear) that Leif was angry.
11.I’ve been trying to (contact/whisper) you for weeks.
12.She (whispered/clicked) something to the girl sitting next to her.
13.She found a lot of information on the (Internet/signal).
14.I was trying to work but the children were (interrupting/publishing) me.
15.For more information, visit our (website/accent).
16.I (swear/contact) to tell the truth.
17.Sorry to (interrupt/swear), but what time is it?
18.I (rang/typed) the doorbell.
19.He should have (reported/contacted) the accident immediately.
20.An application form is available on (signal/request).
21.He’s (typed/published) several short stories in national magazines.
22.How do you (link/pronounce) his name?
23.(Mobile phone/Internet) is a telephone that you can carry everywhere with you.
24.They (requested/paused) that no photographs be taken in the church.
25.The issue has been much discussed in the (media/broadcast).
26.I (persuaded/whispered) her that it was the best thing to do.
27.She (paused/reported) for a moment and looked around her.
28.Most newspapers are now available (inline/online).
29.Click on this (link/report) to visit our online bookstore.
30.He speaks with a strong northern (accent/viewer).
31.There was a short (pause/media) before he started speaking again.

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Опубликовано: Июль 13, 2015
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