Тест по фразовому глаголу FALL

В этой записи вам предлагается тест по фразовому глаголу FALL по мотивам материалов учебника Round Up 6. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Тест по фразовому глаголу FALL

1.No! I can’t believe it. It’s just fallen … again.
[B] A back B apart C for D in
2.The captain yelled for his crew to fall … .
[C] A on B off C back D behind
3.He has fallen … his brother again over their heritage.
[D] A behind with B up with C off D out with
4.I fell … my the second instalment of the loan.
[A] A behind with B apart C for D back on
5.The roof fell … after the earthquake.
[B] A through B in C on D back
6.Don’t be so careless or your plans may fall … .
[B] A in B through C out D apart
7.They fell … their enemies hoping to defeat them.
[D] A out B behind C back D on
8.She was tired and fell … his false hopes.
[B] A into B for C off D through
9.It may come as a surprise to you but they fell … my proposal.
[A] A in with B behind C apart D back
10.He fell … teaching quite by accident.
[C] A out B on C into D behind
11.His last hope has fallen … leaving his in utter despair.
[D] A into B behind C out D through
12.After yet another failure we had nothing to do but to fall … Andrew’s plan.
[B] A out with B back on C behind D through
13.He was breathing heavily and soon he fell … .
[D] A in B off C of D behind
14.After a monthly diet she fell … a cake.
[C] A through B into C on D back
15.The findings may fall … four categories.
[A] A into B in C apart D through
16.She was rather cute and I fell … her at once.
[B] A back B for C out D apart
17.Sales often fall … in winter months.
[A] A off B out C through D of

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Опубликовано: Май 4, 2016