Тест по словообразованию по материалам ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку

Вот еще одно упражнение на словообразование, составленное по мотивам заданий централизованного тестирования по английскому языку проведенного в 2007. На данный момент разобрано 5 вариантов ЦТ 2006, но работа в этом направлении пока приостановлена,  так как  на данный момент я выкладываю задания, которые были сделаны мной за предыдущие годы.  И ЦТ, и ЕГЭ, являются экзаменами уровня B2. Изначально их составители ровнялись на FCE . Наличие схожих частей в трех разных экзаменах позволяет использовать одни и те же задания для подготовки к двум другим.

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 1.

Fill in the gaps using the correct form of the words in brackets.
1. I went to see the sales manager but got a rather chilly ***. (receive)
2. She pleaded her ***, but no one believed her. (innocent)
3. These potatoes are *** – I’ll put them back in the oven. (do)
4. Government troops offered no *** to the rebels. (resist)
5. The room was small and dark, without so much as a ray of light to *** the gloom. (bright)
6. He tried to *** the play for the younger audience. (simple)
7. It was *** not to phone and say you’d be late. (think)
8. They were accused of gross *** in their handling of the case. (efficient)
9. The books in the library are *** by/according to subject. (class)
10. Her friends take advantage of her ***. (generous)
11. The gunman in Wednesday’s attack has been *** as Lee Giggs, an unemployed truck driver. (identity)
12. I find the *** of the situation very depressing. (hope)
13. The sky *** as thick smoke billowed from the blazing oil well. (dark)
14. There was a clear family *** between all the brothers.  (resemble)
15. Only good team work will *** us to get the job done on time.  (able)

[1.reception 2.innocence 3.underdone 4.resistance 5.brighten 6. simplify 7. thoughtless 8. inefficiency 9.classified 10.generosity 11.identified 12.hopelessness 13.darkened 14. resemblance 15.enable]  Для просмотра  ответов выделите область заключенную в [ ]

Упражнение на словообразование к ЦТ № 2.

Заполните пропуски в предложениях, употребив предлагаемые слова в правильной форме.
A receive *** do *** bright *** think *** class *** identity *** hope *** resemble
1. He bears a faint [resemblance] to his great granddad.
2. I wanted to see the manager but got a rather chilly [reception].
3. It was [thoughtless] of her to trust him. He is unreliable.
4. She [identified] the cat as her lost pet.
5. The [hopelessness] of this situation drives me mad.
6. The morning sunshine [brightened] up the valley.
7. This cake [underdone] — I’ll put it back in the oven.
8. This is an unusual animal. I can’t [classify] it. What type is it?
B innocent *** resist *** simple *** efficient *** generous *** dark *** able
1. There was no way we could prove our [innocence].
2. His [inefficiency] as a manager cost the firm much money.
3. My sunny mood suddenly [darkened] when I met him.
4. She was known for her [generosity] to her junior colleagues.
5. The new subway line should [enable] easier access to the port.
6. There was weak [resistance] to the introduced tax increases.
7. We have done everything we can to [simplify] this complex procedure.
Для просмотра ответов выделите область заключенную в [ ]
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