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С The book that influenced me most начинается серия публикаций в которых я попытаюсь продемонстрировать устные темы (топики) встречающиеся на олимпиадах и предложить вашему вниманию отрывки из примерных ответов на предлагаемые ситуации.
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Сочинение на тему The book that influenced me most

These days, it’s always uneasy for a teenager to familiarize himself with this big new world. And books can be of a great help in this case. After reading some of them, you can change your behavior and thoughts for the better .
As for me, I’ve read plenty of the most various books. And I can say with confidence, that there were masterpieces of literature among them. So it was rather difficult to choose which one had the greatest impact on me. However, on second thoughts I made up my mind. The book, which made an incredible impression on me, is called ‘Before I fall’, written by Lauren Oliver. This story is about Samantha Kingston, one of the most popular girls in her school. One day she gets in a car accident and passes away. But the next day Samantha wakes up, looks at her date book and understands that it is the same day that was yesterday. She has to relive the same day time after time, making attempts to correct her mistakes and break this bewitched circle. In my opinion, the main idea of the book is to show that it is no worth chasing after false ideals and trying to look better than you really are. It’s far more important to understand the true values like family and true friends with whom you can be really happy. This book has taught me to appreciate each day of my life and get pleasure out of each second. After reading this book I also understood that it is essential to be yourself and not to be afraid of public opinion. Otherwise, you can spend all your life trying to please others.
All in all, this book can be very useful for teenagers. Especially nowadays, when there are so many glossy magazines and different adverts, convincing us that we can’t be happy without fashionable clothes, awesome cars and holidays on the Caribbean islands. Because, actually, happiness is in the simplest things, at which you only need to look closely
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Как мы видим, данный ответ имеет структуру эссе-рассуждения: вступление, рассуждение и заключение. Так как мы в данной ситуации ничего не сравниваем, а просто описываем, то обсуждение сведено к пересказу содержания книги. На мой взгляд, в этом рассказе о книге недостаточно тематической лексики по данной теме. К положительным моментам данного ответа стоит отнести наличие вступления и заключения, которые по разному объясняют пользу чтения для подростков и это не является оффтопом, так как подчеркивается важность поднятой темы и демонстрирует вариативность лексического запаса участника олимпиады. Положительным моментом основной части является то, что не просто дано описание сюжета книги, но и делается попытка извлечения морали книги и описывается влияние книги на отвечающего.

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