Учимся говорить об одежде Упражнения и раздаточные материалы по Enterprise 3

Предлагаю вам упражнения по теме «Учимся говорить об одежде». Рассказывая о друге или о себе мы забываем, что одежда может многое рассказать о человеке. А много ли мы знаем видов одежды? Предлагаемое упражнение, а точнее работа с ним позволит вам познакомиться с названиями различных видов одежды, что может сослужить хорошую службу не только на устном экзамене по английскому языку, но и оказаться полезным на ЦТ по английскому языку в 2015 году. Заинтересовал?

Exercise 1.
Fill in the gaps using the words given.
dungarees/shorts/overalls/leggings/bow tie/polo neck/v-neck/trainers/T-shirt/tie/waistcoat/evening dress/scarf/suit(2)/jumper/mini-skirt/jeans/baseball cap/tracksuit/shirt
1.*** are short trousers that leave your knees and part of your thighs bare.
2.*** are close-fitting trousers, usually made out of a stretchy fabric, that are worn by women and girls.
3.A *** is a tie in the form of a bow. They are worn by men, especially for formal occasions.
4.*** are shoes that people wear often for running and other sports.
5.A *** is a cotton shirt with no collar or buttons
6.A *** is a long narrow piece of cloth that is worn round the neck under a shirt collar and tied in a knot at the front.
7.An *** is a special one, usually a long one, that a woman wears to a formal occasion in the evening.
8.A man’s *** consists of a jacket, trousers, and sometimes a waistcoat, all made from the same fabric.
9.A woman’s *** consists of a jacket and skirt, or sometimes trousers, made from the same fabric.
10.A *** is a sweater with a neck that is in the shape of the letter V.
11.A *** is a warm knitted piece of clothing which covers the upper part of your body and your arms.
12.A *** is a very short one.
13.A *** is a sleeveless piece of clothing with buttons which people usually wear over a shirt.
14.*** are casual trousers that are usually made of strong blue cotton cloth called denim.
15.A * is a close-fitting thin cap with a deep peak.
16.A *** is a loose, warm suit consisting of trousers and a top which people wear to relax and to do exercise.
17.*** are a one-piece garment consisting of trousers, a piece of cloth which covers your chest, and straps which go over your shoulder.
18.A *** is a piece of clothing that you wear on the upper part of your body. They have a collar, sleeves, and buttons down the front.
19.A *** is a piece of cloth that you wear round your neck or head, usually to keep yourself warm.
20.*** consist of a single piece of clothing that combines trousers and a jacket.
21.A *** is a shirt or sweater that has a high collar that folds down and fits closely around the neck.

Ответы даны ниже белым шрифтом и хорошо видны при выделении.

???1.Shorts 2.Leggings 3.bow tie 4.Trainers 5.T-shirt 6.tie 7.evening dress 8.suit 9.suit 10.V-neck 11.jumper 12.mini-skirt 13.waistcoat 14.Jeans 15.baseball cap 16.tracksuit 17.Dungarees 18. shirt 19.scarf 20.Overalls 21.polo neck???

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