Тема Think about a job you would like to have as your future career

Работа, работа, работа…Think about a job you would like to have as your future career. Discuss why you would like to have this job, what kind of education you would need for it, and what you would say about yourself at the job interview.

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Every job has its pros and cons which should be taken into consideration. It goes without saying that the same job may be a hard nut to crack for one whereas others will find it easy to carry out this or that task. As a rule people choose their career keeping in view their talents and inclinations so as to become as proficient as it is possible in the areas chosen. As for my interests, I have a special passion for foreign languages. Studying languages is what arouses my interest. I find it interesting to learn various set phrases which make my talking more….. !!! Filling my speech with different idioms and expressions which I have learnt lately brings about a sense of achievement. You may do a variety of activities with a view to broadening your knowledge related to the language. If you are keen on reading you have an opportunity to listen to audiobooks in the original with the aim of boosting up your listening skills. As long as you are hooked on cinematography, you may go into watching films in the original. Nowadays most people can’t imagine their life without social networks. Many people who learn English are in favour of putting all their knowledge into practice by communicating with english speaking friends on the net. That fact that I can take pleasure in the process of studying English is the main factor that pushes me into the career of an interpreter. In addition to that I find it relaxing to translate texts because it helps me to calm down if I’m wound up. It is doubtless that there has to be a language everyone could understand or at least people who can translate from one language to another. Because if people knew only their mother tongues, international communication would be impossible. As I see it a profession of an interpreter is one of the most important jobs, as it opens the doors into the world for us. I am planning to become an interpreter to help people understand each other, no matter what country they come from. To become a translator I need to get an appropriate education. There are some options for me when it comes to choosing a university. BSU is one of the most prestigious ones. MSLU is not a bad alternative either. Although some employers are willing to take on interpreters without high education I don’t want to put everything at risk and deprive myself of the pleasure of being a student. It’s obvious that you are highly unlikely to get any job without going through a job interview. Needless to say, it’s in your interest to show yourself from the best side. While getting ready for an interview, you should bear in mind a few details. First you should wear some formal clothes. Secondly you had better do some research and find out some basic information about the company. And, of course, you should think over what you are going to say in advance. In fact I expect a job interviewer to ask me questions so I don’t want to make up some kind of speech. It would be better off thinking about how I’m going to answer some basic questions like ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses?’ I’d like to put special emphasis on my previous experience so that my employers could understand that they are dealing with a truly good specialist. To sum up, it goes without saying that everyone dreams of getting a job which will give them not only money but a job satisfaction as well. I’m not an exception. But only time will tell whether I will succeed in the sphere I’ve chosen or not
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