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To begin with, I’d like to determine what we usually understand by boredom. In my opinion, things like boredom often take place when we have nothing to do and are unable to pass time in the way we like. As for traveling, I can’t agree that it’s always interesting and fantastic. I firmly believe, it doesn’t matter whether you make a trip to the neighbouring town or go round the world. I am convinced that each place is unique and worth paying a visit to it. Everything depends on your tastes and interests. For instance, some may consider climbing mountains a dull and exhausting activity whereas others may describe it as an exciting experience. As a rule when we are on holiday we ourselves choose the destination of our trip according to our penchants and desires, so, in most cases, travelling seems to us very interesting. However, sometimes your vacation may not live up to your expectations and you may find yourself disappointed. For example, going to some museum may turn out to be not so interesting or simple lying on a beach may prove to be boring. Your impressions from your tour may depend on your point of view as well. When you are an optimist to the core you may convince yourself that even an unsuccessful trip was not so bad, but if you have a tendency to blacken everything you may regard as boring even a wonderful and impressive journey. In addition, you may become fed up with even an interesting activity provided you do it on a daily basis. I’ll take travel journalists as an example. Travelling is their job and they have to spend most of their time far away from home. Being in foreign countries is a daily routine for them, so it’s a small wonder that they see nothing special in it. Instead they look forward to spending time with their family at their own home. On the whole, there a lot of factors that may make your holiday boring as well as exciting experience…
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