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Ещё один топик про поездки…Travelling can’t be boring. Как и обычно, отрывок ответа… Вариантов, как и обычно, есть много.

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The answer to this question depends on a particular person. As for me, traveling can be boring. I’m not talking about things like flight delays or waits for buses that never arrive. Those things are part and parcel of any trip — so common that they can barely even be considered part of travel experience. Travel makes you experience every single minute. Each moment becomes perceptible and possibly even memorable. Maybe it’s because the unfamiliarity of things forces us to focus more on the tasks at hand and not on less immediate things. And it’s at times when you’ve worn yourself out and have no energy left to explore that travel becomes boring. The idea of trying to find a suitable restaurant and stumble through ordering yet another unfamiliar meal. The thought of one more museum, church, or cathedral makes your head pound. I firmly believe that everything should be done in reasonable amounts. Initially traveling emerged as a form of entertaining and too much entertainment won’t do you good. Nor does overworking. If traveling becomes a part of your daily routine all the pleasure of it fades away almost instantly. I don’t mean everyday commuting to and from work. What I am getting at is being a sales representative or a stewardess. Sooner or later one will become sick and tired of a non stop way of life. To put it into other words traveling should be an unusual dessert not the main dish.
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Опубликовано: Январь 19, 2015