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Закрепляем грамматику английского языка * 540 вопросов *

Предлагаем вашему вниманию интерактивные упражнения для закрепления грамматики английского языка. Предлагаемое упражнение на закрепление грамматики основано на массиве в 540 вопросов и доступно в двух вариантах.

Упражнения по грамматике английского языка

В тестирующей версии вам предлагаются 10 вопросов выбранных из общего массива вопросов для закрепления грамматики случайным образом с ограничением времени в 15 минут. При обновлении страницы (F5) вам будет предложен новый набор вопросов.
By next September my friends and I … English for five years. Moreover, I… to take up another modern language.
will be doing, am being proposed
will have been doing, am proposed
would had been doing, will be proposed
will have done, will had been proposed
… the lesson was not very exciting, the pupils got tired quickly.
Due to
So that
My brother always … his keys at home. I have to stay at home until he …
has left, will come
leaves, will come
is leaving, comes
left, would come
Grandfather … that he … a restaurant to celebrate his wedding anniversary.
told, had booked
said, had booked
told, has booked
said, booked
They say we … fewer demographical problems when more people …to live to the countryside.
will have, go
have, will go
will have, will go
would have, have gone
The director of the theatre … just now that he … a new repertoire.
has claimed, would be given
claimed, would gave
claimed, would give
claimed, will give
Five years I spent abroad. When I returned to Italy I … women … wrap-over skirts.
have seen / to be wearing
saw / wear
see / to wear
had seen / wearing
According to the level of people’s education, Belarus ranks … in the world.
the second
a second
an second
Unfortunately, leather and fur …as yet a major element in clothes design, so animals … still… everywhere in the world.
is, are being killed
are, are killed
are, are being killed
have been, are killed
In … some countries … children from broken families are doomed to very poor life.
the / —
the / the

Упражнение для закрепление грамматики

Версия-тренажер предлагает вам все вопросы по закреплению грамматики сразу с ограничением времени выполнения в 24 часа. Ни вопросы, ни ответы не перемешиваются.
When I was little, my parents used to take me to a park with lots of…
Many parents normally feel… about punishing children severely.
In our country … of children are adopted every year.
It happens sometimes that parents tell the children off without … reason.
Last year my sister … eighteen; since that time she … on her own.
turned, has been living
turned, live
turned, is living
had turned, lived
Mother … the elder son who he … to at six p.m. the day before.
asked, had been talking
am asking, is talking
asked, was talking
ask, had talked
Unless you … in close touch with your parents, you … somewhat lonely.
keep, will feel
won’t keep, feel
will keep, feel
don’t keep, feel
They … their wedding and … abroad for their honey moon.
have celebrated, have gone
have been celebrated, have gone
had celebrated, went
celebrated, went
When everything … the family … to take a stroll along the wharf.
has done, have decided
has been done, decided
was done, decided
had been done, decided
Dad … us that someone … impolite to him the day before.
says, has been
said, was being
told, had been
tells, has been being

Задание на закрепление грамматики

Этот онлайн тренажер по теме «грамматика» создан для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения грамматики английского языка на уровне intermediate (B1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/ГИА или их аналогов.

У нас есть и другие тесты по грамматике английского языка. Интересно?

Май 12, 2015
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