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ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку варианты 1-2

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 1-2 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2007 год.

ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку 1-2 варианты

Part I
1.Will you tell me the difference *** quality between these two smart phones?
(in ) on|of|in |to
2.I would agree with you *** theory, but I don’t think it will catch on.
(in ) with|on|in|for
3.He is fairly clever. You will never play such a childish trick *** him.
(on ) at|on|with|for
4.As nobody is brave enough I will take over responsibility *** this experiment.
(for ) on|for|before|from
5.I put her success *** a lucky coincidence.
(down to ) on|for|at|down to
6.It is easy to mistake one person *** another one. It is rather dark here.
(for ) on|with|for|by
7.I’ll have to pay you *** for your shameful actions.
(back ) off|on|away|back
8.I have my own reasons *** not going in for it.
(for ) of|to|on|for
9.»I simple was in the right place *** the right time and grad the chance.»
(at ) in|at|on|for
10.It’s quite easy to see a connection *** her behaviour and his refusal to come. They split up.
(between ) within|to|between|in
11.Are you in need *** any form of assistance with the task?
(of ) to|of|for|with
12.She remarked *** the possible causes of her failure at the concert.
(on ) at|about|to|on
Part II
1.We’re planning to *** across Siberia this autumn.
(travel ) travel|tour|commute|voyage
2.The group tours every two years and they seem to like live ***.
(performance ) performance|activities|actions|practices
3.She stopped to buy some foodstuff on the *** home.
(way ) board|meantime|pavement|way
4.The labs use *** technology to study stars which are in deep space.
(advanced ) adventurous|backward|advanced|forward
5.They see the theatre as a way of making people *** various issues.
(consider ) treat|consider|view|look
6. We all are in for a difficult *** due to seasonal changes.
(period ) instant|spell|period|phase
7.The project is monitored by a *** of highly qualified specialists.
(team ) board|cast|team|crowd
8.She was too ill to *** the trip to her home town.
(make ) make|give|do|take
9.When she appeared on the *** the people stood and started clapping.
(stage ) stage|screen|show|doorway
10.The *** speed of change is not always good. Changes themselves are not always for the better either.
(fast ) fast|old|young|slow
Part III
1.(The) S/south of France is a good place for a holiday.
2.I will be waiting for you on () Platform 1.
3.How about going to () Lake District?
4.You should take ( a ) course in First Aid.
5.() W/west Poland is heavily influenced by Germany.
6.Don’t take it for () granted. You will have to do something in return.
7.I did that for (the) sake of art. No profit!
8.On () top of all, we had to pay a fine for illegal parking.
Part IV
1.The position was (intolerable) and he opted to resign. TOLERATE
2.The (reception) they gave to us was not friendly, but suspicious at best. RECEIVE
3.They decided to (darken) their faces to avoid recognition. DARK
4.Her help (enabled) him to finish the task long before the deadline. ABLE
5.The (hopelessness) of the situation drove him mad. HOPE
6.They bore no (resemblance) and it puzzled their neighbours. RESEMBLE
Part V
1.He had a poor память на dates. (memory for)
2.The kid is still sound спит in the other bed. (asleep)
3.I can’t позволить себе to buy this gadget. (afford)
4.Своими словами, describe the person you met there On Friday. (in your own words)

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