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ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку варианты 3-4

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 3-4 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2007 год.

ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку 3-4 варианты

Part I
1. The results of the talent competition *** her more realistic about her abilities.
(made ) made|did|turned|transformed
2. Could you help me to *** over the fireplace.
(hang ) stand|hold|fix|hang
3. I refuse to *** any questions related to politics.
(discussed ) chatted|talked|discussed |commented
4. The criminals are reported to have broken into the offices and have *** many things of value.
(stolen ) borrowed|stolen|robbed|burgled
5. She didn’t want not to *** about the accident as she was still unhappy about it.
(talk ) tell|talk |discuss|consider
6. The box was *** and we had to look for clues in another place.
(empty ) free|vacant|spare|empty
7. In no time it became a familiar *** in every town.
(sight ) sight|look|site|glance
8. He is *** for his attitude to his pupils despite an apparent lack of professional skills.
(admired ) amused|attracted|admired|delighted
9. She wanted to make a *** at the meeting but she messed things up as usual.
(speech ) question|conversation|discussion|speech
10. They *** the level of unemployment at 10 per cent.
(valued ) valued|measured|cost|calculated
Part II
1. She had nobody to turn *** and ask for help.
(to ) for|to|off|at
2. You should work hard to gain some experience *** dealing with problems of this sort.
(in ) of|with|by|in
3. They accused him *** taking bribes.
(of ) on|in|for|of
4. He was taken *** when she told him the whole truth.
(aback ) up|on|aback|over
5. I don’t care *** a bit what they can do. They are harmless haters.
() -|for|about|of
6. The doctor operated *** the patient immediately.
(on ) on|at|-|in
7. An early retirement *** business has always been his dream.
(from ) out of|from|off|of
8. The difficulty *** the situation is that there are so many people involved.
(with ) on|with|at|in
9. Everyone stood *** when they heard the national anthem.
(up ) on|away|in|up
10. The affair has never been put *** risk.
(at ) to|at|in|under
11. She feared to let *** her teacher and practiced hard days on end.
(down ) down|up|out|off
12. He hardly had any talent *** teaching. Knowing your subject fairly well is not enough.
(for ) of|on|for|in
Part III
1.The morning sunshine (brightened) up the valley and he set off. BRIGHT
2.Don’t jump to conclusions before you (identify) the cause of a problem. IDENTITY
3.You are strongly advised to continue with extreme (caution). CAUTIOUS
4.It was (thoughtless) of him to expect me to back his wrongdoing up. THINK
5.He wanted to gain more (publicity) but it led to further problems. PUBLIC
6.You should have spent more time on cooking it. Is is (underdone). DO
Part IV
1.It was stupid of you to отказать down his offer to help.
2.This monument is в память о the people who founded the town.
3.Turn on the TV. My favourite film идет.
4.They met us дружелюбно.
(1.turn 2.inmemoryof 3.ison 4.inafriendlyway)

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