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ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку варианты 9-10

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 9-10 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2007 год.

ЦТ 2007 по английскому языку 9-10 варианты

Part I
1. Orlando Bloom is one of her *** actors who starred in the Pirates series.
(favourite ) attractive|favourite|considerate|appreciative
2. This book doesn’t *** to him. I wonder who the actual owner is.
(belonged ) belonged|joined|existed|possessed
3. I want to *** your search party. We will start when it clears up.
(join ) belong|begin|join|enroll
4. Is there any noticeable *** in quality between these prototypes?
(difference ) disagreement|difference|change|variety
5. At first you would *** thorough instruction, and then would be put into action.
(receive ) make|give|receive|ask
6. The most striking *** of hers is that she never gives in.
(feature ) side|face|feature|sign
7. I only *** out about it when is was over and nothing could be done.
(found ) learn|make|clear|found
8. The *** news was shocking and we all were at a loss for words.
(latest ) latest|latter|late|last
9. I don’t know when we will take off. It *** on the weather.
(depends ) insists|consists|decides|depends
10. I *** haven’t written my essay. I need more time and silence.
(still ) almost|still|recently|already
Part II
1. Most of the charges *** her were falsified and she was found innocent in the end.
(against ) for|out|by|against
2. They ran *** safety when the storm started. That was really terrifying.
(for ) on|in|with|for
3. I prefer not to rely *** the data until it is checked twice.
(on ) to|on|at|for
4. *** response *** complaints, they set up a committee to investigate the accident .
(In … to ) On … with|In … to|On … to|In … for
5. You need some help to get *** this problem.
(out of ) out of|off|without|from
6. I want you to go over all the papers in connection *** the forthcoming trial.
(with ) on|to|at|with
7. You should do something to increase *** production. Otherwise our supply will not hold out for long.
(in ) at|for|of|in
8. Who is responsible *** blowing up the bridge over the river?
(for ) of|out|for|about
9. I wish you wouldn’t break *** my conversation. It’s none of your business.
(into ) into|through|to|away
10. His being careless resulted *** losing the match to Peter.
(in ) at|by|with|in
11. He was *** debt and he couldn’t afford to go to Spain on holiday.
(in ) on|in|under|by
Part III
1. What is (the) name of the place where we are supposed to meet? — (The) M/mall.
2. We had dinner in a cafe in (the) Eiffel Tower.
3. We met on ( a ) sunny Sunday morning. It seemed to be ( a ) perfect start.
4. They fell on our camp in (the) night.
5. I am in () despair. Could you give me any advice?
6. Have you ever been to (the) Louvre? What about visiting it?
Part IV
1. The (inefficiency) of planning may spoil any situation. EFFICIENT
2. I rarely leave my house to protect my (privacy). PRIVATE
3. I am not sure if it (relieves) suffering but it is worth trying. RELIEF
4. You didn’t answer my question. I have to (simplify) it then. SIMPLE
5. Overall (anxiety) prevented us from concentrating on the problem. ANXIOUS
6. Your conditions are (unacceptable) so I have to turn down your invitation. ACCEPT

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