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ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку варианты 1-2

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 1-2 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2008 год.

ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку 1-2 варианты

Part I
1. The bomb went off *** the night. Nobody got hurt, luckily.
(into ) at|till|by|into
2. If you were a frequent visitor *** the university library you wouldn’t have problems at the exams.
(to ) to|of|in|by
3.She advised putting the old house *** sale and reinvesting the money into a new one.
(for ) for|with|to|on
4.I hope all the difficulties will clear *** in the near future.
(up ) away|up |out|off
5.The town was sheltered *** mountains against snow and rain.
(by ) on|in|by|with
6.They sell these goods *** a price of $ 25.
(at ) for|on|at|by
7.Advances *** science may not happen on everyday basis. It takes some time to come up with a good idea.
(in ) in|for|to|at
8.I have seldom been *** a place of such rare beauty.
(to ) in|to|on|at
9. I asked my friend to capture the event *** film.
(on ) to|in|by|on
10.Contrary *** her belief, they managed to get decent results.
(to ) with|in|to|for
11. Unfortunately, there were no improvements *** this area.
(in ) at|to|in|of
12.It provides no shelter *** hail and sleet.
(from ) of|off|out|from
13. She had no prior warning *** her bad behaviour.
(about ) of|against|about|for
14.I am fed up with your improper behaviour. We’d better break ***.
(up ) out|off|up|in
15.I haven’t done much so far but I will make *** for it later.
(up ) out|-|up|away
16.He managed to give nine *** ten answers to their questions.
(out of ) in|on|out of|from
17. Road accidents like these are said to be common *** that area.
(in ) in|by|for|on
18.His reforms brought *** some radical social change in their society.
(about ) in|about|out|up
19.George was lazily sitting *** the sun dreaming about future.
(in ) at|in|under|by
20.One *** five applicants failed to pass the exam.
(in ) by|out of|to|in
21.The police refused to carry out an investigation giving no response *** complaints.
(to ) on|of|to|by
22.She had hard time describing *** the pupils how to conduct this experiment.
(to ) with|to|at|for
23.His numerous attempts ended *** nothing.
(in ) in|by|with|to
24. They decided to go through the papers again *** an effort to find something news.
(in ) in|by|at|with
Part II
1.She did a lot to *** to the country’s development.
(contribute ) improve|contribute |consist|contain
2. He didn’t get a good mark but at *** he passed the exam.
(least ) least|minimal|latest|smallest
3. They are currently doing *** into alternative ways to increase productivity.
(research ) study|examination|interest|research
4.He was given emergency *** and he was taken to hospital immediately.
( treatment ) treatment|test|health|refreshments
5.People give different *** for emigrating and all of them are thoroughly checked.
(reasons ) proof|result|reasons|consequence
6.’As far as I know you detest chemistry’ ‘On the ***, I have a penchant for it.’
(contrary ) common|contrary|usual|other
7.We’re *** for someone who is an expert in another area.
(looking ) finding|attempting|requesting|looking
8. They were *** by their parents alongside with regular medical check-ups.
(cared ) dependent|relied|cared|employed
9.As there was nobody *** he was tempted to take it and make off.
(in sight ) at present|in sight|in time|on view
Part III
1. I doubt if there is ( a ) grain of () truth in his story.
2. My spaceship will not take of since it is in () desperate needs for repairs.
3. There used to be bloodthirsty pirates on (the ) Caribbean islands.
4. His ship headed for (the ) isle of () Sicily.
5. I have ( a ) suspicion that he is not telling (the ) truth.
6. (The ) person taken to (the ) local hospital was wounded in (the ) arm.
Part IV
1. They were not (sympathetic ) to our problems and didn’t help us. SYMPATHY
2. The company came into (existence ) quite recently. EXIST
3. She made a lot of mistakes because of her (anxiety ) and impatience. ANXIOUS
4. The research group consists of (mainly ) young people. MAIN
5. He was rather (pessimistic ) about the results of his pupil. PESSIMISM
6. Are there (intelligent ) beings on other planets? INTELLIGENCE
7. Our (medical ) supplies were about to run out so we asked for more. MEDICINE
8. A passer-by was (accidentally ) killed during the shootout yesterday. ACCIDENT
9. Ozone (destruction ) was most severe over the Antarctic. DESTROY
10. The disease was (incurable ) and the patient passed away. CURE
11. Your proposal was (unacceptable ) and they decided on the other option. ACCEPT
12. We liked almost everything, at least, we made no (complaints ). COMPLAIN
Part V
1. Could you различить them apart? They look much alike to me.
2. I can’t tell it по памяти. I have to look it up.
3. I suppose they are going to переехать house next week.
4. She never takes жалость к those who are lazy.
(1.tell2.frommemory3.movein4.pityon )

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