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ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку варианты 3-4

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 3-4 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2008 год.

ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку 3-4 варианты

Part I
1.She waved *** him and left without saying goodbye.
(at ) with|to|by|at
2.The recent war conflict broke *** as a result of shotgun at borders.
(out ) down|up|out|into
3.The possible expenses were estimated *** 10,000$.
(at ) by|in|at|on
4.The watch tower overlooked *** the whole castle and neighbouring valley.
() onto|-|on|at
5.Decisions like this are born *** necessity, not creativity.
(out of ) from|with|out of|off
6. They collected probes *** every part of the county.
(from ) by|from|off|with
7. I put you strange behaviour *** knowing very little about him.
(down to ) on|about|down to|down for
8.The situation was ideal *** taking immediate action.
(for ) to|of|for|on
9.A person *** his age needs some freedom and responsibility .
(of ) at|with|in|of
10.Jim was playing *** the street with his friends when the house caught fire.
(in ) at|in|to|on
11. She isn’t very conscious *** the problems lying ahead her.
(of ) about|of|with|by
12.They want to build a hotel just *** the town.
(outside ) outside|off|out of|from
13.The boarding school is located *** quite a solitary place.
(in ) in|on|at|out
14.The patient was injected *** a painkilling drug.
(with ) with|of|by|into
15.He was arrested *** the company of suspiciously looking strangers.
(in ) in|on|by|with
16.Did you get a ticket *** the Spades’ concert.
(for ) in|for|with|on
17.Being *** a lot of stress she wanted to go on holiday.
(under ) under|in|on|with
18.The idea had never even occurred *** him before.
(to ) on|for|at|to
19.I would do the ironing *** the early days of co-habitat.
(in ) on|for|in|after
20.*** the last years we have achieved a lot but we still have a long way to go.
(Over ) In|Over|Within|During
21.She didn’t feel *** ease going to the headmistress’s office.
(at ) in|at|to|with
22.I hope they will find a cure *** this disease one day.
(for ) of|out|for|from
Part II
1. The books *** above are a must for everyone who wants to pass his exam.
(mentioned ) said|spoken|mentioned|reminded
2. He was about to *** his temper so they were trying to calm him down.
(lose ) lose|drop|loose|break
3. This problem is our *** consideration while others are insignificant.
(major ) heavy|major|large|senior
4. His research has *** there is no connection between these two phenomena.
(shown ) shown|invented|offered|opened
5. Unless you take any *** of it you will suffer the consequences.
(notice ) care|attention|notice|note
6. Ann had to *** with the problem singlehandedly.
(deal ) keep|handle|deal|treat
7. Go to the Lake District and it will take you to ***.
(nature ) environment|ground|landscape|nature
8. Be careful to *** rules otherwise you will be sent off.
(obey ) take|receive|accept|obey
9. If you don’t remain *** you are likely to lose the match.
(calm ) lovely|still|calm|quiet
10. Ken had gone in for various *** until he settled down as a farmer in Poland.
(lifestyles ) ways|lifestyles|customs|sceneries
Part III
1. Your going there is out of (the) question. It is dangerous.
2. You shouldn’t have done that. It is () common knowledge. Every one knows that.
3. He studied the contract in () detail before signing it.
4. It has become ( a ) familiar sight. It is surprising how it caught on.
5. Didn’t you know that () Ben Nevis is (the) highest mountain in (the) British Isles
Part IV
1. What about going out tonight? — No, I am in не в настроении для it.
2. He rarely обижается offense. He knows what it takes to be a celebrity.
3. You can take гордость за your results at the final exams.
4. He failed to различить a genuine picture and a fake one apart .
Part V
1. Our (arrival) was delayed because of traffic jams. ARRIVE
2. Your (fondness) for something sweet is something to do with your frequent visits to dentists. FOND
3. I’m sure you’ll benefit (considerably) from this investment. CONSIDER
4. This technology is (experimental) and I wouldn’t advise putting it into practice. EXPERIMENT
5. They asked for more (explanations) trying to grasp the main idea at least. EXPLAIN
6. That way of producing things is not (economically) viable. ECONOMY
7. Though they were at (disadvantage) they were able to complete the task. ADVANTAGE
8. They got (electricity) supply cut off after not paying for it on time. ELECTRIC
9. You should reduce overall (consumption) of fatty things. CONSUME
10. Good (psychologists) are as rare as any good specialists whatever their specialty is. PSYCHOLOGY

Первую часть серии читайте тут. Продолжение серии доступно по ссылке.

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