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ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку варианты 5-6

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 5-6 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2008 год.

ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку 5-6 варианты

Part I
1. Your table manners *** about your upbringing!
(say ) speak|tell|conclude|say
2. It is not all that simple when it *** to taking part in semifinals.
(comes ) goes|takes|happens|comes
3. Most crimes *** between 22 and 2.
(happens ) takes|reaches|achieves|happens
4. This agreement **** a clear advantage to them. It is not fair.
(gives ) gives|makes|does|sends
5. In a certain way, he was *** on them and their help was invaluable.
(dependent ) pressed|dependent|affected|influenced
6. Programming for web and mobile devices is a ***-growing business.
(fast ) grand|broad|long|fast
7. He tried to *** without her help but his attempts were in vain.
(do ) do|make|act|behave
8. Trying to *** a collision with another he crashed into the wall.
(avoid ) miss|destroy|lose|avoid
9. They are supposed to *** you with everything you need but I am not sure they will.
(provide ) employ|provide|fill|contribute
10. If you are not *** to my instructions, don’t ask for any help.
(sticking ) staying|remaining|sticking|preferring
Part II
1.Stealing money *** the rich and giving it to the poor doesn’t make anyone a new Robin Hood.
(from ) off|from|on|out of
2.A single mistake turned *** to be a disaster. Nothing could have made up for it.
(out ) up|down|off|out
3.The main reason *** resigning was being tired and disappointed.
(for ) about|of|to|for
4. He wrote to her *** an effort to get his idea across but she didn’t open the envelop.
( in ) by|with|on| in
5.I have never suspected him *** being involved into something illegal.
(of ) of|for|into|at
6.He decided not to carry *** another experiment as it seemed to be unnecessary.
(out ) on|off|out|through
7.Jenny was unsure *** the success of their affair.
(of ) in|of|to|for
8.We can meet *** another time if today doesn’t suit you.
(at ) on|for|in|at
9.Much *** his surprise, he found the whole adventure intriguing.
(to ) for|to|off|in
10.He was ignorant *** new ideas in teaching thinking that you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.
(about ) at|out|about|into
11.He did cope *** all his duties but it was too far for him to carry on.
(with ) for|on|by|with
12.Her correspondence *** other prominent people of that time was an interesting story to read and think over.
(with ) of|with|for|in
13.The award ceremony will be preceded *** a short speech from the mane judge of the contest.
(by ) on|by|-|to
14.Everything he did resulted *** failure but he was optimistic.
(in ) at|in|with|for
15.She was asked to switch over *** another TV channel.
(to ) for|-|on|to
16.My enthusiasm came *** his promises to give a helping hand in the time of trouble.
(from ) from|off|out|away
17.She advises insuring our cottage *** earthquakes and hurricanes.
(against ) of|against|from|for
18.There has never been a easy cure *** broken hearts and being lost in dreams.
(for ) of|for|from|with
19.I hope *** a degree *** Art.
(for… in ) after … at|with … on|at…about|for… in
20.They accused me *** committing a crime.
(of ) with|at|by|of
Part III
1. You are under constant (pressure )! You need some rest! PRESS
2. The vast (majority ) of people don’t care about such things as politics. MAJOR
3. The bank tightened (security ) after another hold-up. SECURE
4. (Expensive ) things don’t always look good. A sense of style can’t be bought. EXPENSE
5. Many people are too (competitive ) to enjoy their lives. Winning the rat race will not make you happy . COMPETE
6. (Uninvited ) guests often come as a shock but it i not always for the worst. INVITE
7. In some aspect even a defeat can be (beneficial ) if you are clever enough to learn something from your failure. BENEFIT
8. Having to work hard left him (exhausted ) and worn-off. EXHAUST
9. I feel like an( intruder) when I visit them. I am out of place when we get together. INTRUDE
10. It was not (typical ) of him to be so careless while dealing with something important. TYPE
11. Being (inactive ) for some time is a kind of rest for those who are really tired. ACT
Part IV
1. He rented () flat in (the ) West Of () London.
2. He spent his earlier years in (the ) East Indies, as ( a ) soldier.
3. () L/leicester Square is ( a ) popular place for () tourists and () young people.
4. Please, bear it in () mind if you want to avoid () problems.
5. (The ) village is situated at ( a ) distance of twenty miles from (the ) Hague.
6. He was terrified at (the ) thought of being caught.
Part V
1. I hardly ever обижаться offense. I have a very thick skin.
2. He дал понять clear that he had finished talking and I might go away.
3. Being deep в мыслях he didn’t get off the bus at the right stop.
4. She had an excellent память на dates, names and formulas, so she was a top pupil at school.
(1.take2.made3.inthoughts4.memoryfor )

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