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ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку варианты 7-8

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 7-8 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2008 год.

ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку 7-8 варианты

Part I
1.You have to pay a fine for late payment *** any bills.
(of ) of|after|for|on
2.*** contrast to her colleagues, Ann was on good with him.
(In ) In|By|With|To
3.He looked *** the message and ran away.
(at ) up|at|to|on
4.Jane was busy *** getting ready for her first lecture.
() on|with|at|-
5.She decided to refer the matter *** her supervisor.
(to ) on|for|to|by
6.She was speaking *** the phone and making notes at the same time.
(on ) at|over|on|by
7.If I were you I would prepare *** the test.
(for ) for|with|to|on
8.The news was *** concern *** us at all.
(of…to ) of…to|at…to|to…of|in…for
9.I came closer *** her but she didn’t like it at first.
(to ) for|to|at|with
10.You are expected to finish the project *** Monday.
(by ) on|by|at|in
11.Make sure you use this ingredients *** tiny amounts.
(in ) of|in|with|at
12.Unless you catch *** the others you will be expelled.
(up with ) on to|after|up with|with
13.She was against using fake flowers *** the wedding party?
(for ) at|to|for|on
14.She refused all his proposals *** a constitution.
(for ) for|on|up|to
15.We suffered *** several illnesses.
(from ) from|-|of|with
16.I won’t be available *** the next few days.
(for ) in|on|-|for
17.I used to eat a lot, but I’m trying to cut ***.
(down ) off|away|up|down
18.I never look back on her plays *** pride.
(with ) for|of|in|with
19.He signed *** writing courses to become a journalist.
(up for ) up to|in at|up for|in for
20.We had better not go *** details. Findings might be embarrassing.
(into ) out for|into|at|to
21.We all were in a state *** disrepair.
(of ) of|out|to|on
22.You will never get bored *** studying Chinese.
(with ) about|of|by|with
Part II
1.I hope the teacher will *** us to redo the exercise and get better marks.
(allow ) let|make|leave|allow
2.He earned a *** in India and returned to England a wealthy person.
(fortune ) fortune|deal|fate|price
3.I don’t want to be *** with this unlawful affair.
(identified ) indicated|recognized|identified|shared
4.Sometimes a *** selection of goods on offer doesn’t mean higher quality.
(wider ) wider|deeper|longer|taller
5.The army tried to seize *** over several districts but it led to further riots.
(power ) attraction|strength|power|meaning
6.John likes *** off his new sporty car.
(showing ) showing|presenting|introducing|wearing
7.Offhand experience will be of great *** to all students.
(benefit ) profit|cost|benefit|value
8.They *** out a series of experiments on animals.
(carried ) held|did|worked|carried
9.He wanted to improve the public *** and donated a lot of money to charity.
(image ) invention|impression|sight|image
10.You may change everything you want to *** your individual needs.
(suit ) match|reply|suit|become
Part III
1. If you are not in [ a ] good mood, just go away.
2. She advised going to [] Central Africa.
3. What about going to [] Buckingham Palace?
4. I didn’t have [the] heart to tell her that she had failed.
5. Let’s hope for [] better weather.
Part IV
1. Don’t повышать your voice to me.Unless you are polite I’ll teach you a lesson.
2. She took no жалости к Tim and made him go away.
3. You will never различить them apart. They are like twins.
4. Gregory went dumb от шока and let them go.
[1.raise 2.pity to 3.tell 4.with shock]
Part V
1. To my [AMAZEMENT] she was given an award for her acting. AMAZE
2. Jane was singing [INCREDIBLY] well at the try out. INCREDIBLE
3. Her [STRESSFUL] way of life began to tell on her health. STRESS
4. I’ll give you a pill to [LESSEN] the pain. LESS
5. Most [PERFORMERS] refused to take part in that concert. PERFORM
6. We all share a sense of [insecurity] about his future. He is clever but careless. SECURE
7. You have to [PROVE] that you are nothing to do with them. PROOF
8. The accident was [UNAVOIDABLE]. Nobody could have predicted it. AVOID
9. She tried making a [LIVING] as an actress but she didn’t earn much. LIFE
10. Jack is quite [RELIABLE] you may trust him. RELY
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