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ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку варианты 9-10

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 9-10 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2008 год.

ЦТ 2008 по английскому языку 9-10 варианты

Part I
1.We had a lovely party *** the lake last week.
(by ) by|on|at|in
2.They predict a rapid increase *** the price of buckwheat.
(in ) off|on|at|in
3.I don’t agree *** her *** the need for haste decisions.
(with…on ) to…at|to…for|with…on|with…over
4.He is trying hard in order not to let his teacher ***.
(down ) down|in|off|out
5.We were trying to come *** an agreement but it was not easy.
(to ) for|with|on|to
6.They hope for some improvement *** her health.
(in ) in|of|about|to
7.We put an advertisement *** a teacher and many candidates came forward.
(for ) on|for|at|about
8.Her house was within walking distance *** the bus station.
(of ) from|to|out|of
9.They turned *** without invitation and asked for a full refund.
(up ) off|into|on|up
10.People in love are often satisfied *** simple answers.
(with ) on|with|by|for
11.She wrote *** reply *** their ad and got the position advertised.
(in…to ) with… for|in…to|for…on|about…in
12.She went *** working till the day she fell ill.
(on ) on|up|in|out
13.Jack had no particular preference *** where to go.
(for ) in|for|to|of
14.It’s not common *** me to be careless unless I am overworked.
(for ) to|for|of|with
15.We have known each other *** many years and we tent to trust.
(for ) in|up|for|within
16.Ann was eager for a holiday *** paperwork and endless complaints.
(from ) off|on|from|of
17.Her mistake led *** devastating results and terrible losses.
(to ) to|for|on|by
19.The result *** the exam was disappointing.
(of ) in|of|on|with
20.The place where we found the body was close *** the M4.
(to ) away|to|off|from
Part II
1. Novelties are often treated with *** and distrust.
(suspicion ) danger|suspicion|threat|courage
2. This animal doesn’t *** to any kind of living creatures.
(belong ) fit|belong|suit|match
3. The town was *** in the 1700 as a fortress to protect the area from barbarians.
(founded ) organised|based|founded|lain
4. Many people are *** to have been wounded during a border conflict.
(said ) told|spoken|said|promised
5. Think twice before you *** data from the database into another form.
(import ) present|arrive|appear|import
6. Sharks are the most *** feared animals but they don’t pose much threat.
(widely ) highly|widely|normally|greatly
7. The whole building was *** by earthquakes.
(destroyed ) broken|destroyed|injured|collapsed
8. I hope to have a profession which let me *** around the world.
(travel ) travel|sent|get|appear
9. I would rather you *** a copy of this report for tomorrow’s meeting, please?
(made ) took|did|reached|made
10. The palace had beautiful flowers *** around it.
(growing ) growing|inventing|raising|rising
Part III
1.There was nobody in [] sight. I seemed to have lost my way.
2.It is not [ a ] cause for [] concern. We will make up for it.
3.To [ a ] certain concern it is [ a ] problem but I wouldn’t say it is serious.
Part IV
1.He refused to оказать her a service and she had to turn to another person.
2.Jim is rater careless and he often wears his T-shirts наизнанку.
3.If you dare to поднять your voice again I will make you regret being impolite.
4.She gave the information по памяти it needs thorough checking.
[1.do 2.insideout 3.raise 4.frommemory]
Part V
1.You need enough [patience] to make a good teacher. PATIENT
2.Both [FLUENCY] and accuracy are desired but they are not always available. FLUENT
3.Working on a [production] line is rather dull. PRODUCE
4.Some people think that their salaries are OK while others feel that they are [underpaid] PAY
5.Many people dream of a steady and [reliable] income. RELY
6.A high [percentage] of our students pass the exam with excellence. PERCENT
7.I answered several questions [incorrectly] and failed the test. CORRECT
8.[Idiomatic] expression should be used with care to avoid misusing them. IDIOM
9.He missed a wonderful [opportunity] to take over his rivals. OPPORTUNE
10.Most of his [employees] find their boss greedy and unfair. EMPLOY
11.He only remained with them out of [necessity]. NECESSARY
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