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ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 1-2

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 1-2 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2009 год.

ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку 1-2 варианты

Part I
1.The task which looked quite simple at first *** revealed its complexity much later..
(sight ) sight|look|view|point
2.We had *** at the station long before our train drew in.
(arrived ) reached|moved|arrived|gone
3. In the morning we planed to *** some sightseeing but the nasty weather put us off the idea.
(do ) take|make|have|do
4.We did not actually hope the plan would meet with the *** of the local authorities.
(approval ) approval |agreement|favour|belief
5. He promised to *** a visit to him one day but the day didn’t come.
(paying ) taking|having|paying|doing
6. She was *** up with everything and longed for a vacation in an isolated place.
(fed ) tired|fed|angry|irritated
7.Make all the preparations in *** and leave yourself a plenty of time to make any corrections to initial plans.
(advance ) ahead|time|advance|progress
8.The only *** of transport the bedouins have are camels.
(means ) method|means|way|instrument
9.Unless you *** previous arrangements you may be turned away on the first night of a play.
(make ) do|take|make|book
10.He refused to *** any kind of danger which was very cowardly of him.
(face ) face|aware|threaten|expose
11.He *** them with everything they need to conduct the experiment which promised to solve all their problems.
(provides ) gives|supports|ensures|provides
12.The notion of losing the forthcoming elections *** the politician with horror.
(fills ) charges|fills|completes|fulfills
13.There are many things on *** at reduced prices this week.
(offer ) attempt|proposal|suggestion|offer
14.This possibility may *** problems in the future so lets give it a thought today.
(cause ) cause|lead|result|happen
Part II
1.He asked her *** a date, and to amazement of others she accepted his offer.
(for ) for|on|after|of
2.You shouldn’t have spent a fortune *** the projects the outcome of which is unpredictable.
(on ) with|on|at|for
3.He did some research *** this field earlier and decided not to waste time and resources on it any longer.
(in ) for|in|at|with
4.When he didn’t get a degree *** history he went to live on an island in the Pacific.
(in ) with|at|for|in
5.Surprisingly, he didn’t take any pride *** his achievements saying that he could have done better.
(in ) at|on|in|for
6.We bought a horseshoe and put it *** luck over the door of his flat.
(for ) with|to|on|for
7.*** that morning he was in a good mood and ready for action.
(On ) On|At|In|Up
8.Our school provides training *** various subjects which you have to sit at the end of the year.
(in ) at|in|by|with
Part III
1. She was [anxious] about her entrance exam results as she wanted to leave her tiny town. ANXIETY
2. It is highly [improbable] that you will win a lottery so why not to try. PROBABILITY
3. The pressure she had to live through was [intolerable] but she coped with it. TOLERATE
4. I think [psychologists] can’t be of help in a case like that one. PSYCHOLOGY
5. He tried [various] recipes for a cake but hers were better anyway. VARY
6. Because of his [illness] he had to dropped out of his college. ILL
7. His response was [unexpectedly] positive. We couldn’t believe our luck. EXPECT
8. The result of the final match was [horrible] as we lost 10 to 0. HORROR
9. [Happiness] is often desired though it is rarely found. HAPPY
10. Any [reduction] in public transport may improve the ecological situation in the neighbourhood. REDUCE
11. If you are [unable] to do your best you are likely to fail. ABLE
Part IV
1.Gary went out to buy [a] paper to read.
2.Jim is said to have spent [a] fortune on this estate.
3.Didn’t you know [the] latest news about them?
4.He studied in Krakow and got [a] degree in Law.
5.She was given some grant to do [] research last month.
Part V
1.She never [took] any notice of other people’s comments on her career.
2.Will you сказать the difference between these cat like animals? [tell]
3.An actress refused to [make] an appearance in a show without payment.
4.This costume is bigger than you need. Ушей it in. [take]

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