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ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 3-4

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 3-4 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2009 год.

ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку 3-4 варианты

Part I
1. She worked quietly, not *** attention to herself.
(attracting ) enjoying|keeping|attracting|inviting
2. He *** for help and she gladly agreed to give a helping hand.
(called ) called|demanded|wanted|required
3. The news was *** that everyone broke down and cried.
(frightening ) terrific|scared|frightening|afraid
4. They tried to conquer the *** of the Picts which led to their downfall.
(lands ) soils|lands|grounds|earth
5. You may *** on him to come in time and save the team.
(count ) trust|claim|count|believe
6. He failed to *** up before the deadline and got the sack.
(turn ) turn|appear|take|sign
7. You should take on this responsibility if you *** a real challenge.
(seek ) seek|look|search|watch
8. He *** to earn a fortune by the time he is forty.
(set out ) got away|set out|set up|got by
9. This problem is still *** the interest of scientists all over the world.
(attracting ) leading|appealing|causing|attracting
10. Undoubtedly, we can’t *** with them in terms of financial support, but we may put a courageous fight.
(compete ) oppose|compete|combat|attract
11. As soon as he *** the mistake he had made it was too late to do anything.
(realised ) realised |concerned|obtained|regarded
12. They had a good *** about the accident and got round to work immediately.
(laugh ) fun|pleasure|delight|laugh
13. I want to *** you against further problems so I would advise to withdraw.
(protect ) protect|save|keep|preserve
14. The results of their investigation *** him to change his attitude to them.
(caused ) made|caused|did|resulted
Part II
1.The solution may not be suitable *** everyone.
(for ) to|with|for|at
2.My clothes will wear *** soon. I need some change.
(out ) out|on|of|in
3.Though I didn’t approve *** their decision I had to agreed in the end.
(of ) -|for|of|at
4. After being *** the sun for some time he felt hot and sweaty .
(in ) under|in|on|over
5. He was upset *** failing to pass the exam and decided not to resit it in Autumn.
(for ) in|of|at|for
6. They demanded to replace the old teacher *** someone is younger.
(with ) for|with|on|at
7. Put *** a hat and a raincoat. They say it will rain in the evening.
(on ) on|-|off|down
8. He apologized *** her and suggested eating out to make up for his being inattentive.
(to ) at|for|with|to
Part III
1. Harry has been studying wizardry since (childhood). CHILD
2. They used (various) methods to help him get over his illness. VARY
3. Are there any special (requirements) if i apply for this job? REQUIRE
4. She has always been (unlike) other children. They had nothing in common. LIKE
5. Your approach is rather (ineffective). Think of anything else. EFFECT
6. He was quite (energetic) and optimistic which made other people be active. ENERGY
7. Jim made a(n) (arrangement) to meet with them on Monday. ARRANGE
8. They were (terrified) at the thought of making their teacher angry. TERROR
9. His (unfortunate) lack of common sense led to many misfortunes. FORTUNE
10. Your fears are (irrational). You have nothing to be afraid. RATIONAL
11. Though it looks (harmless), be careful with is. It is a dog after all. HARM
Part IV
1. At (the) time she was a young naive teacher like many others.
2. (The) way he speaks makes other people follow him and his ideas.
3. He did ( a ) lot to put ( an) end to their laziness.
4. He talked to him on (the) phone once and had never met before.
Part V
1. He promised to ( do ) his utmost and got down to work immediately. СДЕЛАТЬ
2. Your school is said to be bigger (than) mine.
3. This room is not big (enough) to seat 30 pupils at a time.
4. They simply envy your success. Don’t (take) it to heart. ПРИНИМАТЬ
5. You know, it is easier said than (done).
6. The so-(called) friends of his left him alone in times of trouble.
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