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ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 5-6

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 5-6 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2009 год.

ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку 5-6 варианты

Part I
1.This kind of animals should be held *** captivity.
( in ) on| in|from|at
2.At first she wanted to set *** a software company.
(up ) off|on|up|in
3.There was hardly any opposition *** my plan.
(to ) to|for|at|with
4.The plan was *** itself good though it turned out to be unworkable.
(in ) at|in|out|for
5. I want you to study the subject *** a higher level.
(at ) on|about|at|for
6.They don’t go *** very well so we should think of a replacement.
(together ) to|across|out|together
7.Because of his reputation *** inefficient he had trouble finding a good job..
(for ) for|on|at|in
8.Unless you work hard you will be deprived *** many perks.
(of ) off|of |away|from
Part II
1.You don’t *** for this job. You shouldn’t apply for it.
(cut out ) cut out|made out|put up|picked up
2. Dieting alone doesn’t help to *** weight.
(lose ) waste|lose|drop|loose
3. Her song was supposed to be the major *** at the concert.
(event ) event|accident|incident|case
4.Their offer didn’t really *** to him so it was turned down.
(appeals ) admires|appeals|delights|pleases
5.Having run such a long distance she was understandably out of ***.
(breath ) sigh|breathe|air|breath
6.My mistake *** in losing the contract and a lot of money.
(resulted ) provided|resulted|caused|lead
7.She *** up for the project hoping to become a decent specialist in the near future.
(signed ) signed |gone|registered|taken
8.The *** of pollution on wildlife was tremendous and there was hardly anything we could do.
(effect ) affect|idea|effect|impression
9.Just *** your training and keep sending your CVs
(do ) make|conduct|do|take
10.Very few people attended the *** that was why they had to cancel the following ones.
(performance ) performance|production|realisation|representation
11.I need more data to *** the amount of explosive we need.
(work out ) put down|turn up|work out|come across
12.She *** a lot of money for charity by giving endless concerts.
(raised ) lent|rose|spared|raised
13.I wish I had *** into consideration all the information I had then.
(taken ) brought|held|taken|put
14.This place will be *** out on Monday. Think of another day, please.
(hired ) hired|wasted|spent|borrowed
Part III
1. Video games have always been a(n) [obsession] with him. OBSESS
2. Cut out [unhealthy] food if don’t like going to doctors. HEALTH
3. The temptation was almost [irresistible] so she stole the flower. RESIST
4. A slow computer is [preferable] to no computer at all. PREFER
5. In the 70’s the place became again a(n) [desirable] place for investors. DESIRE
6. That was a(n) [daily] ritual to continue for many decades. DAY
7. Be [sensible] and keep it a secret. SENSE
8. The situation was [threatening] and they decided to leave the dangerous place. THREAT
9. We don’t charge extra for [delivery] DELIVER
10. She demanded for [explanations] not sheepish excuses. EXPLAIN
11. Our defeat was [unavoidable] so we resigned at once. AVOID
12. The data you provided was [inaccurate] and misleading. ACCURACY
1. IMHO she has nothing гордиться great pride. [to take]
2. Take [care] of something you still have, say health.
3. You [had] better follow your doctor’s recommendations.
4. I don’t think red clothes подходят people with blond hair. [suit]
1. You may eat everything you like provided it is consumed in [ a ] moderate amount.
2. What I am going to demonstrate is not [ a ] universal truth.
3. To [ a ] certain extent it was [ a ] crime though many students are of [the] opposite opinion.
4. Meeting animals in [the] wild is not [the] same as visiting [ a ] zoo.
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