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ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 7-8

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 7-8 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2009 год.

ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку 7-8 варианты

Part I
1.You should have *** for help and assistance then.
(called ) demanded|intended|called|requested
2.It is advisable to *** common procedures. You needn’t come up with something new and sparkling.
(observe ) keep|remark|observe|notice
3.At *** he wanted to give up and stop trying.
(times ) times|cases|moments|minutes
4.Don’t make such a fuss – it was a(n) … .
(accident ) sample|chance|occasion|accident
5.As soon as you *** back, give a call.
(get ) move|return|get|arrive
6.There was not much *** for him as a doctor, so he started wring detective stories.
(demand ) appeal|claim|interest|demand
7.If she *** to bring him round, the whole affair will be as easy as pie.
(manages ) succeeds|copes|accomplishes|manages
8. Even a minor mistake could have *** to irreversible damage to the first starship.
(led ) moved|resulted|caused|led
9.He went on gambling hoping to *** a fortune one day.
(earn ) earn|pay|spend|invest
10. Despite the pressure they had *** on him, Jack was still optimistic about his chances of success.
(put ) put|made|turned|given
11.She earned a *** as a tutor, dreaming of becoming a university professor one day.
(living ) job|life|living|work
12. Ann prefers to be *** by the name of Antoinette.
(called ) name|refer|treat|called
13.Your attitude to the matter *** me to leave the palace in no time.
(causes ) makes|results|causes|means
14.Try to foresee any problem which may arise in *** you find yourself in a situation like this.
(case ) condition|case|situation|circumstances
Part II
1.He had hardly any commitment *** any political parties.
(to ) on|to|at|with
2.She failed to keep *** her promise then and again .
() up|out|on|-
3.She wants to get a degree *** psychology and social sciences.
(in ) in|on |of|from
4.They got angry *** my failing exams three times in succession.
(about ) with|of|about|for
5.What would you do in return *** my help?
(for ) to|of|for|with
6.She was deeply upset *** her hasty decision to drop out of university.
(about ) for|at|with|about
7.They put people *** a lot of pressure to see if they can withstand it..
(under ) under|on|in|with
8.Sometimes fluency *** languages is much more important than accuracy.
(in ) at|in|of|on
Part III
1. Tim felt (remarkably) calm, as if he were invincible. REMARK
2. She influenced the (development) of modern dance. DEVELOP
3. Their efforts were (painful) to watch. They achieved virtually nothing. PAIN
4. The patient is responding well to medical (treatment). TREAT
5. This is a better and more (reliable) tool than the previous one. RELY
6. She looked up at him (significantly), raising an eyebrow. SIGNIFY
7. Doctors these days tend to be more open-minded about (alternative) medicine. ALTERNATE
8. Our new gadget has a worldwide (reputation) for quality. REPUTE
9. Her report is based on (inaccurate) information so it can’t be used as evidence. ACCURACY
10. We want official (recognition) of our contribution to the victory. RECOGNISE
11. Efforts to get homeless people off the streets are largely (ineffective). It is still a major social concern. EFFECT
12. The device had a(n) (uncomplicated) interface that is truly easy to use. COMPLICATE
Part IV
1. It’s almost impossible to различить the twins apart. (tell)
2. (Because) of his wife(’s) being there, I said nothing about it.
3. I asked him to drive more slowly, but he didn’t обращать any notice. (take)
4. Actually, she didn’t know exactly what had (taken) place in the classroom.
Part V
1. He owes me ( a ) large sum of () money.
2. () D/delivery is free of () charge.
3. We haven’t got ( a ) hope in () hell of () meeting such ( a ) tight deadline.
4. We distribute () food and () blankets to (the) homeless on (the) streets of () London.
5. Taxes on imports gave them (an ) unfair advantage.
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