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ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 9-10

Предлагаем вашему вниманию проверочную работу по материалам вариантов 9-10 тестов централизованного тестирования по английскому языку за 2009 год.

ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку 9-10 варианты

Part I
1.In his imagination the whole structure burst *** flames.
(into ) out|into|in|at
2.He worked hard to gain a reputation *** expertise and knowledge.
(for ) on|at|in|for
3.The bridge is *** fire and we can’t cross the river in any other way.
(on ) on|in|over|at
4.There is much information *** the Internet though it is rarely reliable.
(on ) at|in|on|for
5. They treated *** a rare disease but they hadn’t made much progress so far.
(for ) from|for |with|at
6.I am not cure that you are the right person *** the job.
(for ) on|to|at|for
7. He applied to my department *** a post of a junior web developer.
(for ) at|to|for|on
8.Though he didn’t succeed *** making a profit he had gained much valuable experience.
(in ) in|of|on|by
Part II
1. Contact me immediately if any need ***.
(arises ) arises|raises|arouses|causes
2. All the personnel are supposed to have a thorough medical *** every four years.
(check-up ) examine|observation|check-up|review
3. Have you ever *** with such problems before?
(dealt ) managed|cooperated|dealt|organised
4. These chemicals should be *** with caution as they are either explosive or poisonous.
(treated ) got on|dealt|treated|considered
5. You can’t go on working effectively without a good ***.
(rest ) rest|chill|relax|pleasure
6. The doctor gave me the advice to *** out alcohol and cigarettes.
(cut ) cut|get|move|call
7. I *** with some help since the task is more difficult than I predicted.
(do ) make|take|bring|do
8. You should *** in mind that you will never have a second chance to make the first impression.
(bear ) remember|consider|carry|bear
9. They him *** up to be honest and brave.
(brought ) grown|raised|taken|brought
10. She’s *** on some weight and I would advise visiting a dietitian.
(put ) put|taken|done|placed
11. Are you in a party *** or shall we stay at home?
(mood ) anger|mood|behaviour|temperament
12. The crew was *** up of experienced sailors.
(made ) done|taken|made|consisted
13. They had *** to meet all the requirements and we didn’t take them on.
(failed ) ignored|failed|regretted|avoided
14. She *** no effort to be polite and cut the long story short.
(made ) did|put|placed|made
Part III
1. Our music festival is held (annually) in May. ANNUAL
2. We would like to invest money in (scientific) research. SCIENCE
3. There was a lot of activity in (preparation) for the president’s visit. PREPARE
4. I’ll have to cook them a meal or they’ll think I’m (inhospitable). HOSPITABLE
5. I don’t want them to impose any (religious) beliefs on children at schools. RELIGION
6. Weather (prediction) has never been an accurate science. PREDICT
7. John knew he had behaved (extremely) badly and he should appologise to them. EXTREME
8. It’s about a(n) (unavoidable) fact of life: no pain no gain. AVOID
9. Tim is certain to pass his (fitness) test. FIT
10. Two of our (competitors) failed to turn up for the tournament. COMPETE
11. It pays to be (cautious) at first until things go well. CAUTION
12. Getting to top has always been (largely) a matter of trial and error. LARGE
Part IV
1. I didn’t feel (like) going to work.
2. She was uncertain (whether) to stay or leave.
3. She spent all morning (doing) housework.
4. Sit down and (make) yourself at home.
Part V
1. What does he do for ( a ) living?
2. If I were you I wouldn’t rely much on (the) Internet as ( a ) source of ()information.
3. Would you put me in () charge of (the) group working on (the) latest problem.
4. At (the) moment we are busy with some curious manuscripts she came across by () chance.
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