Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination B2 Часть 12

Выучим устойчивые выражения по теме «Entertainment»? Предлагаю предварительно заглянуть в Destination B2.  В этой записи вам предлагается упражнение для закрепления выученного материала по данной теме.
Упражнение — трешка. Придумайте слово, которое подойдет для всех трех пропусков.

Упражнения на устойчивые сочетания

1 [queue]
If you want tickets you’ll have to join the ***.
We had to *** for three hours to get in.
There was a *** of people waiting patiently for the bus to arrive.
2 [fun]
Mark was ill for most of the holiday so that took all the *** out of it.
The other children were always making *** of him because he was fat and wore glasses.
What’s wrong with having a bit of ***?
3 [show]
Her sculptures will be on *** at the museum until the end of the month.
You ought to *** that rash to your doctor.
These photographs *** the effects of the chemical on the trees.
4 [silence]
A loud crash of thunder broke the *** of the night.
We sat in ***, wondering what to expect.
She gazed back at him in thoughtful ***.
5 [joke]
Did I tell you the *** about the chicken crossing the road?
It’s more serious than you think, so please don’t *** about it.
She tied his shoelaces together for a ***.
6 [laugh]
It’s very rare that a book is so good you actually *** out loud.
I was embarrassed at the time, but I had a good *** about it later.
She’s so funny — she really makes me ***.
7 [parties]
Peter throws really wild ***.
This game is popular at children’s ***.
In the summer we have lots of beach ***.
8 [part]
She doesn’t usually take *** in any of the class activities.
I was going to give away her old baby clothes, but I couldn’t bring myself to *** with them.
I think there’s always a *** of you that doubts what you’re doing.
9 [impression]
I was under the *** that you didn’t get on too well.
His enthusiasm made a good *** on the judges.
These photos give a rather misleading *** of what the town is like.
10 [play]
My daughter used to *** with the kids next door.
We need a minimum of ten people to *** this game.
«Did you see the *** on Thursday?» «No, I went on Wednesday night.»
11 [voice]
He answered each question in a deep, well-modulated ***.
I was shouting at the top of my *** but she still couldn’t hear me.
It’s time the public made their *** heard.
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Опубликовано: Октябрь 18, 2014
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