Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination B2 Часть 14

Вот и пришел день последней публикации по устойчивым выражениям из Destination B2. Вашему вниманию предлагается упражнение-трешка по теме «Work and business». Нам хочется верить, что проделав упражнения, предложенные нами вы стали чувствовать себя более уверено сталкиваясь с упражнениям подобного рода.
Придумайте слово, которое можно употребить во всех трех предложениях.

Упражнения на устойчивые сочетания

1 [duty]
He stayed with the men out of a sense of ***.
You have a *** to yourself to take a holiday now and then.
Police officers aren’t supposed to drink while on ***.
2 [agreement]
The whole family was in *** with her about what they should do.
If the three parties cannot reach *** now, there will be a civil war.
I don’t think you’ll ever get Tony’s *** to these proposals.
3 [arrangement]
She made an *** for the children to stay with their grandparents.
They will need to come to an *** about which days he will work.
Viewing of the property is by prior ***.
4 [hold]
Keep a tight *** on your tickets.
Can you *** the bag while I open the door?
That vase isn’t big enough to *** all these flowers.
5 [job]
She’s applied for a *** with an insurance company.
I had the *** of sending out the invitations.
When she left college, she got a *** as an editor in a publishing company.
6 [day]
Didn’t I see you in the post office the other ***?
To this *** nobody knows what happened to him.
She’s at home today — she’s having a *** off.
7 [decision]
He made a *** to look for another job.
She lay awake half the night worrying, but reached a *** in the morning.
She announced her *** to leave sport at a press conference this morning.
8 [complaint]
I’ve made a *** to the police about the noise.
She was dealt with fairly and in my opinion has no grounds for ***.
When I’m sure of the facts I’ll draft a letter of ***.
9 [business]
Our firm does a lot of *** with overseas customers.
He set up his own company and now all his children are in the ***.
I’ll be away on *** next week.
10 [effort]
You can’t expect to have any friends if you don’t make any *** with people.
I’m pleased with my success — I put in a lot of *** to get to this point in my life.
We won’t finish the work without a lot of *** from everyone.
11 [experience]
In my ***, people generally smile back if you smile at them.
Do you have any *** of working with kids?
I had an interesting *** when I went to Pakistan.
12 [work]
Adrian does most of the *** around the house.
Thousands of people are seriously injured at *** every year.
Can we *** things out so that there’s always someone here to answer the telephone during office
13 [interest]
I’ve always had an *** in astronomy.
It’s in his *** to keep careful records.
You should put the money in a savings account where it will earn ***.
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