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Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 10

Прочитав данную заметку вы ознакомитесь с устойчивыми словосочетаниями по теме Power and social issues. Сами устойчивые словосочетания вы найдете в 20 юните Destination C1-C2. Предлагаемое упражнение  является одной из частей экзамена CAE. Придумайте слово, которое можно вставить не в один пропуск, а во все три.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Power and social issues

There has been a progressive deterioration of the *** conditions of small farmers.
Can you write your *** Security number in the box please?
I had an active *** life when I was at college.
They are willing to take up *** against the government if they have to.
Environmental groups are up in *** about plans to sink an oil well close to Hadrian’s Wall.
Bush made an important speech on *** control policy last week in Washington.
I always keep all my medicines under *** and key so the children can’t get hold of them.
Two of Rugby League’s top teams will *** horns with each other tomorrow.
He used to *** the confidential documents in his filing cabinet.
They don’t have the *** to stop the march.
He’s got no *** over his students.
I have it on good *** that she’s getting married.
The number of ***s reported in the New York City area has decreased dramatically over the last ten years.
There were no apparent clues at the scene of the ***.
The *** rate in the city has risen sharply.
The board *** a request for $25,000 to sponsor an art exhibition.
He *** all responsibility for the rumours which have been circulating.
They all *** ever having seen her.
He faces a minimum 25-year *** term.
The *** officer resigned over the incident.
If anyone deserved a few years in an open *** it was Beamish.
The soldiers sought to *** the demonstrators into starting a riot.
It was not an alien phenomenon and, as such, did not *** an extreme response or demand extreme measures.
These murders were meant to *** outrage across the country.
She *** her way through the crowds.
Joe *** a smile, but underneath he was a little disturbed…
He was *** to take a second job.
The council have *** him permission to build on the site.
A licence to sell alcohol was *** to the club.
Well, if the Oxford manager was *** any more wishes, then he’d want a change a fortune.
It must pursue policies in both its judicial and executive branches that uphold an international rule of ***.
Parents need to lay down the *** regarding how much TV their children watch.
The party must be seen to be tough on *** and order.
Although it was only his first offense, the judge decided to make an *** of him and sentence him to prison.
Senior pupils are expected to set an *** to the younger children.
This is a prime *** of government incompetence.
She exercised great *** over her pupils.
There was a *** struggle between the Prime Minister and his Chancellor.
It’s beyond the *** of the court to make such a decision.
His boss asked him to take *** of the office for a few days while she was away.
Hugh Bawn was put in *** of the high-buildings programme in Glasgow.
The conductor has overall *** of the train.
She belongs to the rich American upper ***.
What it will do is create a whole new ruling ***.
There are noticeable *** differences in family size.
How on earth did we get onto the *** of dogs?
She seemed upset so I dropped the ***.
In recent years, she has been *** to attacks of depression.
After the way you’ve been treated, you have every *** to complain.
Do children of that age really know the difference between *** and wrong?
Am I *** in thinking that you will be at the conference?
There happens to be a particular urgency in this case, and it would help if you could bend the ***.
Taking food into the playing area is against the ***.
Before you start your own business you should be familiar with the government’s *** and regulations.
The court is expected to pass *** later today.
Her husband is serving a two-year *** for credit-card fraud.
In some countries, drug-smuggling still carries the death ***.
[1.social 2.arms 3.lock 4.authority 5.crime 6. denied 7. prison 8. provoke 9.forced 10.granted 11. law 12. example 13. power 14. charge 15. class 16. subject 17. right 18. rules 19. sentence]
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