Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 4

Продолжаем публикацию архивов. В этой записи вы закрепите устойчивые выражения по теме Movement and transport из учебника Destination C1-C2.
Вы должны придумать слово, которое можно употребить во всех трех предложения в каждом  задании.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Movement and transport

*** towards the station until you come to a set of traffic lights.
London ***s the list of the most popular tourist cities.
Owen ***ed the ball into the back of the net.
I’m sorry–I don’t *** your argument.
Environmentalists are urging the government to *** the lead of Scandinavian countries in this matter.
The winners are as ***s — Woods, Smith and Cassidy.
I’d rather you *** going.
I’ve tried arguing, but it *** me nowhere.
We both *** very wet when we tried to give the dog a bath.
Let’s *** and have a drink somewhere.
By the time he was 50 he had begun to *** deaf.
Few people can *** without water for more than a week.
The side door of the pub *** open and three men burst in.
Six months *** by, and it was time to come home again.
He *** at his brother like a mad thing.
We *** to the conclusion that there was no other way back to the camp
It *** as a shock to me to see how old he looks now.
Suddenly the pyramids *** into view.
The speaker really *** his message home, repeating his main point several times.
My laziness *** my ex-wife crazy.
I still couldn’t understand what Toby *** at.
Sales *** off in the fourth quarter.
Margaret *** a hint that she’d like to come to the party.
He’s been *** from the team because of injury.
The specimens *** into three categories.
The party is likely to *** short of a parliamentary majority.
The whole mystery ***s into place when you remember who was in power at that time.
I wish he would get to the ***. your preface is too long.
I think I missed the ***. will you say that again?
Of course there is some truth in all this, but only up to a ***.
Everyone seemed to be in a ***.
I got caught in the morning *** hour.
There was a mad *** to get to the front of the queue.
During the 1960s most of the Western world enjoyed *** economic growth.
He moved at a slow and *** pace through the maze of corridors.
You need *** nerves to drive in city traffic.
With eleven thousand employees, it’s very difficult to keep *** of them all…
We thought we were on the wrong *** when we heard their description of you…
You become so deeply absorbed in an activity that you lose *** of time…
The army *** their guns on the protesters.
Unsuccessful in math, the student *** to biology.
When I refused to pay, he *** nasty.
Members of the public would *** at the chance to become part owners of the corporation.
The prince refused to *** the queue for treatment at the local hospital.
There may be a simple explanation. Let’s not *** to conclusions.
We’d better get a *** on if we don’t want to be late.
As a young man, he was always on the ***.
It’s been a lovely evening, but it’s time we were making a ***.
He said he was prepared to make *** for younger people in the party…
By the ***, you forgot to cash that check.
He tends to copy his brother in the *** he dresses.
It was time for Dean to settle down and *** a family.
It would be unfair to *** your hopes at this early stage.
Pursued there and besieged, they fled by night to *** a loyal army, but found it pitiful in numbers.
He uses painting as a way of letting his imagination *** riot.
Modification of the engine to *** on lead-free fuel is fairly simple.
The business managed to *** into financial difficulties almost immediately.
[1. head 2. follow 3. got 4. go 5. flew 6. came 7. drove 8. dropped 9. fall 10. point 11. rush 12. steady 13. track 14. turned 15. jump 16. move 17. way 18. raise 19. run]

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