Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 5

Многие участники ЦТ   по английскому языку испытывают трудности с заданиями, где от них требуется вписать в пропуск слово из части В т.е. проблемы с устойчивыми словсочетаниями. Они же, как правило, испытывают проблемы в выборе вариантов ответа, если предложены слова имеющее «схожее» лексическое значение.
Корень зла очевиден — не стоит в русский перевод вставлять русское, которое потом не утруждая себя размышлением мы переведем на английский язык. Правильный ответ определяется устойчивым выражением, которое лучше всего выучить до сдачи централизованного тестирования.  Устойчивые словосочетания нужно учить и лучшего источника для их изучения чем учебники серии Destination придумать сложно.
В этой записи вам предлагаются устойчивые словосочетания по теме Communication and the media. Для каждой тройки предложений придумайте слово, которой подойдет для все предложенных предложений в каждой ситуации.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Communication and the media

It took several hours of discussion before they could come to an ***.
My *** of the agreement is that they will pay £50 000 over two years.
We bought the cupboard on the *** that we could return it if it wasn’t suitable.
It was in 1982 that his name was first brought to our ***.
It hasn’t escaped our *** that the hospital has come out of all the proposed changes really quite nicely…
There’s no one available at such short *** to take her class…
We’re looking for people who have experience rather than *** qualifications.
I have to write a *** on the Cuban Revolution.
We have to acknowledge these problems. We can’t just *** over the cracks.
Her friends couldn’t *** her into going on the trip.
He says he’s going to make lots of money, but he’s all ***.
They say they’ll always look after her, but *** is cheap.
The judge usually has the final ***.
Look, I’ll give you £100 for it. I can’t *** fairer than that.
It goes without ***ing that I’ll do whatever I can to help you.
The sweatshirts have a large logo *** on the front.
The debate is still raging, both in *** and on the radio and television.
Classic literature never goes out of ***.
Stop putting ***s in my mouth — I didn’t say you looked fat in the red dress — I merely said you looked very slim in the black!
It’s essential you make the right decisions from the *** go.
The mobile library services have been reorganised — in other ***s, they visit fewer places.
She would never *** a lie to anyone.
This coffee is about half the price of that one and yet you really can’t *** the difference.
‘Who are you going out with tonight?’ ‘That would be ***ing!’
From behind her, as if he could *** her mind, Benny said, `You’re free to go any time you like, Madame.’
***ing between the lines, I’d say Robert’s not very happy.
*** my lips: I will not let you down.
«We had a really boring trip.» «*** for yourself! I had a wonderful time!»
He was a tough politician who wasn’t afraid to *** his mind.
The five countries have now all passed, so to ***, their entry test.
He compiled a lifetime *** of 209–161.
She’s decided to write her memoirs and set the *** straight once and for all.
The senator told the reporters that his remarks were strictly off the ***.
We must ensure our plans *** real needs.
I had a lot to *** for and I was sure that they wouldn’t let me off.
She is undoubtedly the *** to our prayers.
Having lost the ***, she had to apologize.
Her *** against marriage was rather weak.
We won’t accept pay cuts without a(n) ***.
Can I *** you a favour?
He wanted to *** her in but decided not to.
If you *** me, she isn’t that beautiful.
My granny knows when I’m telling lies. She can read me like a ***.
She always does everything by the ***. It is a pity that she doesn’t use her creativity.
In my ***, nothing is more important than health.
We need to set up a *** group to solve the problem.
I can say nothing — the problem is still under *** .
The class was involved in a heated *** about the issue.
He always followed instructions to the *** .
They are guilty of slightly bending the *** of the law.
A *** bomb was found in his incoming correspondence.

[1. understanding 2. notice 3. paper 4. talk 5. say 6. print 7. word 8. tell 9. read 10. speak 11. record 12.answer 13. argument 14.ask 15.book 16.discussion 17.letter]

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