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Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 7

Quality and money  — это название темы с устойчивыми выражениями из которой вы познакомитесь решив упражнение из данной записи. Источником вдохновения в очередной раз выступила книга Destination C1-C2.
В качестве упражнения вам предлагаются трешки. Данный тип упражнений в свое время входил в состав CAE. Вам нужно придумать слово, которое подойдет для  всех трех пропусков в каждом наборе.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Quality and money

OK folks, time to go home. That’s your ***.
To most Americans, $150,000 sounds like a whole *** of money.
I made enough curry for three people and he ate the ***.
I want a party, but I don’t want to make a *** thing of it.
They’ve built a great *** shopping mall in the centre of town.
He’s *** on stamp collecting.
Don’t keep all those chocolates to yourself — *** and *** alike.
The party’s *** of the vote fell from 39% to 24%.
I have an office that I *** with some other teachers.
This will *** a blow to consumer confidence.
The US and North Korea reached a *** about North Korea’s nuclear development program.
She spends a good *** of her time in Glasgow.
You look tired. Come in and take a *** off.
As if there was a whole *** of things behind him and nothing in front but age.
Coping with ill health was a heavy *** to bear.
She may seem fairly frivolous but I suspect she has hidden ***s.
I am out of my *** when it comes to cooking.
He was in the ***s of despair about losing his job.
They were on *** ground, with no precedents for their action.
The thought of kissing him made me go *** at the knees.
Check your house for *** spots where a thief could enter.
The finance men had grown *** on managing other people’s money.
You can go to bed now and sleep easy.’ ‘*** chance of that.
*** lot of use you are in the kitchen.
“So there’s no chance of getting finished on time?” “That’s about the *** of it, I’m afraid.”
We’ll need to get the carpet cut to ***.
The hotel has a large gym as well as a full *** swimming pool.
If you have a *** skin, you’ll never survive in politics.
Legally, the company is on very *** ice with its actions.
Victor and his kidnappers had vanished into *** air.
I turned a corner and there was Joe, as *** as life.
I think the chances of getting reforms accepted by the community at *** remain extremely remote…
This technology has been developed on a *** scale in the US.
The Sierra mountain range runs the *** of the north west coast of Majorca.
The boat is ten metres in ***.
At ***, the day came on which we were to leave.
He’s stinking ***, and with no more talent than he ever had before.
The English language is *** in vocabulary
Every day the gap between the *** and the poor widens.
This month, take a *** hard look at where your money is going.
At *** last a hardbound volume of the history of his works has appeared — by the man himself!
I’ve been thinking about you all night ***.
Mr Yanto, who had a very *** temper, told her to get out.
Giles drew the *** straw, and has to give us a talk this morning.
Mr Chairman, I think I’ve got five minutes, so I’ll keep it fairly *** and sweet.
So you know my old science teacher! Well, it’s certainly a *** world, isn’t it?
We stood around making *** talk.
He’s always trying to make me look *** in front of my boss.
We all had a wonderful time. We certainly got our ***’s worth.
No you can’t have another bike — I’m not made of ***!
For my ***, he’s one of the best TV comedians ever.
It’s always nice to *** a compliment.
A crowd of mourners gathered to *** their respects to the dead man.
Any *** rise must be in line with inflation.
The Socialists came a *** second with 26.5% of the vote.
Theatre musicians tend to be the *** relations of the musical profession.
He was the *** man’s Elvis Presley.
[1. lot 2. big 3. share 4. deal 5. load 6. depth 7. weak 8. fat 9. size 10. thin 11. large 12. length 13. rich 14. long 15. short 16. small 17. money 18. pay 19. poor]

Рассматриваемый материал по теме «устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1&2 по теме Quality and money» предназначен для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения устойчивых словосочетаний в английском языке на уровне advanced (C1), а также подготовки к сдаче экзамена CAE или его эквивалентов.

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