Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 8

В этой записи вы найдете упражнение по устойчивым выражениям по теме Material and the building environment. Как бы тема не выглядела необычно, но именно так называется 18 юнит в Destination C1-C2. Важность изучения устойчивых конструкций переоценить очень сложно. Вы, или знаете их, или угадать будет очень сложно. Не стоит скатывать до руинглиша.
В качестве упражнение вам предлагается трешка. Данный вид упражнений очень прочно у многих учителей справедливо ассоциируется с advanced english. Порой бывает очень не просто придумать ответ, который бы с полной уверенностью подошел бы для всех трех предложений и уже довольствуешься 2  и отвечая надеешься, что  и третье тоже совпадет и в таком случае гарантированно узнаешь нечто для себя новое.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Material and the building environment

Silver, gold and platinum are precious ***s.
Could he please try out his *** detector in her yard?
The crash was caused by *** fatigue in one of the propeller blades.
The building is beginning to take ***.
My bicycle wheel has got bent out of ***.
We sell all ***s and sizes of teddy bear.
I’d like to *** a motion to move the weekly meetings to Thursdays.
This is one of the best packages we’ve put on the *** in years..
My parents expected us to have good *** manners.
It’s time to get *** with drunk drivers.
«I’ve been told I’ve got to work late today because I’m very behind on my work.» «Oh, *** luck!»
He had shot three people dead earning himself a reputation as a *** guy.
With better *** planning, traffic problems could be avoided.
A large sign announced that we were entering the *** of Knock.
It was six o’clock when she reached the edge of the ***.
Keep a *** eye on the kids at all times!
The results showed a *** drop in profits.
The men are white-haired and silent, the women dark-haired with *** tongues.
Staff helped *** the way for the new administration.
Working there was not all *** sailing. The boss had a very bad temper.
He may not look it, but Newman is a *** operator.
It is the place where we can lay the *** upon which democracy is built.
These allegations are completely without ***.
Greek and Latin were once viewed as the *** stones of a good education.
The Prince and Princess were the first to take the ***.
Draw a simple *** plan of your new home showing where the furniture is to go.
The emergency room is on the first ***.
Don’t put anything wet on a polished surface, or it will leave a ***.
There were scratch ***s all over the victim’s body.
You’ll have to be quick off the *** if you want to find a job around here.
All these glossy pamphlets are just *** dressing – the fact is that the new mall will ruin the neighborhood.
He caught me staring out of the ***.
The film provides a *** on the immigrant experience.
The spiritual life is more important than *** possessions.
They think money and *** rewards are more important than quality of life.
His time here provided the raw *** for his novel.
Will you phone me back — it’s a *** of some importance.
Three of our players were ill, and to make ***s worse, our main scorer had broken his ankle.
Then, attitudes changed and artists were given greater freedom in their choice of subject ***…
Tom ***ed the letter in half and stuck it in his pocket.
The ironing board ***s flat for easy storage.
Meer ***ed his arms over his chest and turned his head away…
On the ***, she is very confident.
They measured the *** area of the object.
Keep kitchen ***s clean and tidy.
People thought I was round the ***.
That road sign means you are approaching a sharp ***.
He used to *** the wire into an ‘S’ shape.
A new *** of flats was built on the land.
As she left the court, she was confronted by angry crowds who tried to *** her way.
When it comes to word games, I have a mental ***.
[1.metal 2. shape 3. table 4.tough 5.town 6.sharp 7. smooth 8. foundation 9. floor 10. surface 11. window 12. material 13. matter 14. fold 15. surface 16.bend 17.block]

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