Учим устойчивые словосочетания из Destination С1-2 Часть 9

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с устойчивыми словосочетаниями из  18 юнита  Destination C1-C2. Названия порой юнитов довольно таки условны, но иногда они помогают ориентироваться в тематике и в данном случае он называется — Reactions and Health. Так как Destination C1-C2 учебник уровня advanced, то и  предлагаемое упражнение по своей сути является одной из частей CAE — трешка. Вставляемое слово должно подходить для каждого из трех предложенных предложений.

Учим устойчивые словосочетания Reactions and Health

I tried learning the piano, but I never had much of a *** for it.
This is something I *** strongly about.
People should *** the benefits of the tax cuts by next month.
*** and safety rules must be strictly observed.
High cholesterol is a significant *** risk.
The sea air was good for her ***.
We ***ed in good faith – we did not know the goods were stolen.
She claims to *** out of necessity.
He put on an *** of bravery, but I know that he was absolutely terrified.
Some disturbing patterns of *** suggest that there are problems in the home.
The children are on their best ***.
The children get stickers to reward exemplary ***.
Scientists think it unlikely that any species will actually become extinct as a *** of the oil spill.
You’ll just have to tell the truth and face the ***.
The money was of little *** to Alexia.
When do the new driving laws come into ***?
Indeed, it may well have had the indirect, beneficial *** of encouraging the search for better methods.
The price of the Saturday edition is going up with *** from 3 November.
A shot was fired, and the police ***ed by firing into the crowd.
The software enables the computer to interpret messages and *** accordingly.
Car emissions *** with sunlight to form ozone.
Conditions like these would likely trigger a rapid ***.
The patient died after having an adverse *** to the drug.
A sudden drop on Wall Street can set off a chain *** in other financial markets.
After recent bombings, counter-terrorist forces could retaliate in ***.
It’s really *** of you to help us.
We’ve all had disappointments of some ***.
They’d *** in your face if you suggested me for the post.
Des O’Connor is expecting to have the last *** on his critics by soaring to the top of the Christmas hit parade.
Paul’s clever screenplay makes this new comedy a *** a minute.
I think taking the pills was a *** for help.
At night I’d *** myself to sleep, thinking about you.
Their lives are a far *** from his own poor childhood.
You’ll be in *** trouble when dad finds out!
The conductor waited for *** silence before commencing the performance.
I stared *** ahead at the doorway.
It’s always been an interesting period in history and this film really brought it to ***.
You should have given him a lift.’ — `In that condition? Not on your ***!’
Ah, this is the ***! Lying on the beach, sipping cool drinks.
Followers were prepared to *** a life of poverty.
We had a horrific journey, but we ***d to tell the tale.
I knew that I could not continue to *** a lie.
He was taking *** for diabetes.
You should clear out your *** cabinet regularly.
The centre offers acupuncture and herbal *** treatments.
Did you mean what you said about my dress, or were you just being ***?
I hate having to make *** conversation.
Sex never used to be discussed in *** society.
The public is in for a *** when this new show opens.
A qualified nurse is available to *** injuries and general illnesses and to advise on general health matters.
What would you like to do for a birthday ***?
Management have granted a 10% pay rise in *** to union pressure.
Carl made no ***, and carried on with his meal.
The ambulance service is trying to reduce delays in *** time.
I’m *** and tired to death of the way you’re behaving.
The girl’s mother was *** with worry over her missing daughter.
I was *** at heart to think that I would never see the place again.
[1.feel 2. health 3. act 4. behaviour 5.consequence 6. effect 7. react 8. reaction 9. kind 10. laugh 11. cry 12. dead 13. life 14. live 15. medicine 16. polite 17.treat 18.response 19.sick]

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