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В этой серии публикаций мы обратимся к текстам для чтения на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку. Сегодня мы разбираем текст из пятнадцатого билета University celebrates.

Вопросы к тексту University celebrates

1. Read the article and say in 2-3 sentences what it is about.
2. The author says how the university was founded. Find this extract and read it aloud.
3. What important discoveries were made at Cambridge?
4. Why is Cambridge University considered one of the best in the world?

Варианты ответов к тексту University celebrates

1. Cambridge University is probably the most famous university in the world. The text is about it and its 800th anniversary. When you read the text you will learn some bits of its history and understand why it is so famous.
2. The University was founded by scholars from another English university, Oxford. Nobody is exactly sure why they moved to Cambridge. One record shows it happened when two Oxford scholars were arrested and then convicted of murdering a local woman. Other students protested their arrest by leaving the university and going to other towns. It was a group of these scholars that set up a university in Cambridge.
3. As 80 alumni of the university won the Nobel Prize, I think it will take much time to list their achievements. The author of the text mentions the invention of a jet engine and the decipher of human DNA. Of course, there are loads of other important inventions and discoveries but they are not prominent enough to be mentioned.
4. The university of Cambridge is regarded as one of the best educational establishments owning to the high quality of research and teaching. The clear proof of it is the results of those who graduated form it. They don’t pretend that fundamental science is the true one. They are not afraid to put their theories into practice with a view to creating something which ordinary people will find applicable.
Обратите внимание на другой вариант ответов к тексту University celebrates. В данном случае в качестве ответов используются слегка измененные предложения из текста.
1. This text is about the University of Cambridge which is thought as one of the best universities in the world.
3. The jet engine was invented at Cambridge. Scientists who work there discovered the structure of human DNA.
4. Cambridge is ranked among the top universities in the world for its highest standard of research and teaching.

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