Упражнение на фразовый глагол do

В этой записи вам предложено упражнение на фразовый глагол do по мотивам материалов учебника Grammarway 4. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Упражнение на фразовый глагол DO

Замените слова фразовыми глаголами.
The pilot reminded the passenger to fasten before taking off. [do up]
Surely you can live without social networks for a day? [do without]
The detective believes that he murdered the witness. [did in]
Wrap a package in colored paper and it will sell better. [do up]
I could have needed some help this evening. [done with]
She really dressed up for the party. [did herself up]
To my mind, old time traditions should be abolished. [done away with]
Could you give me a helping hand to repair the car? [do up]

Ответы видны при выделении блоков [ ].
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Опубликовано: Апрель 29, 2016