Упражнение на фразовый глагол go

В этой записи вам предложено упражнение на фразовый глагол go по мотивам материалов учебника Grammarway 4. С теоретической частью вопроса можно ознакомиться здесь.

Упражнение на фразовый глагол GO

Замените слова фразовыми глаголами.
1. Whatever the majority think I am ready to agree with him. [go along]
2. Bad news always spread fast. Take it easy. [go round]
3. She refused to take part into a chess competition. [go in for]
4. The temperature has risen again. I think we should get an air conditioner. [gone up]
5. I am not sure if the copies of this page are enough. [will go round]
6. He had to endure the lack of sleeping for two days. [go without]
7. Don’t let those opportunities be spoiled! [go by]
8. We’ve decided to continue with our plans as if nothing had happened. [go ahead]
9. Open the door! I want to know what is happening here! [going on]
10. The food has gone bad. Don’t use it. [gone off]
11. Three members of my team have become ill the flu.[gone down with]
12. The tower dates back to the barbarian times. [goes back]
13. He was asked to write a short report so he didn’t investigate thoroughly. [go into/over/through]
14. Both leaders were afraid that the other would break this agreement. [go back on]
15. The fire is about to stop burning. It’s time we went to bed. [go out]
16. The bomb exploded in the afternoon and killed many people. [went off]
17. I had to endure it. It is unpleasant but it is my fault. [go through with]
18. Things tend to get easier as time passes. [goes by]
19. The temperature is said to be reduced to minus ten last night. [go down]
20. I have to find a job. I have used up all my money. [gone through]
21. He repeated his notes again and raised his hand. [went over]

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