Упражнение на поиск лишних слов Часть 1

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с первой частью серии упражнений на поиск лишних слов (error correction) с опорой на такие учебные пособия как Destination B2 (лексика Travel and transport) и FCE Use of English (грамматика)

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов FCE (Travel and transport)

1. You shouldn’t to have missed your flight. ( to )
2. It was John who he was ahead of all participants. ( he )
3. Ann she had lost her way and had to ask for help. ( she )
4. Would you have mind turning left? ( have )
5. She went to Paris for to see the sights. ( for )
6. There she is a tourist at the entrance. ( she )
7. Could you mind head to the railway station? ( mind )
8. We hoped that to set out in the morning. ( that )
9. He is being living at his friends’. ( being )
10. We haven’t been taken off yet. ( been )
11. Let me know when they will have got back. ( will )
12. Was he be invited to go on holiday? ( be )
13. He said about they would take a trip to Italy. ( about )
14. They gave us a useful information at the border. ( a )
15. Only when did he checked in, he made for the local church. ( did )
16. Give me a ring after you will have checked in. ( will )
17. Can it go at a more higher speed? ( more )
18. Mike told to them he would book the tickets. ( to )
19. Unless I not go away right now, I’ll be sorry for that. ( not )
20. How far is it the airport? ( it )
21. If you will drop me off near that house, it will be marvelous. ( will )
22. Though we couldn’t speak the French, we went sightseeing without a tour guide. ( the )
23. Will we arrive there as earlier than them? ( as )
24. The meeting has been being arranged so far. ( being )

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Это задание на поиск лишних слов по теме Travel and transport создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка error correction на уровне FCE.

Опубликовано: Январь 10, 2016
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