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Упражнение на поиск лишних слов Часть 3

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с третей частью серии упражнений на поиск лишних слов (error correction) с опорой на такие учебные пособия как Destination B2 (лексика Science and technology) и FCE Use of English (грамматика)

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов FCE (Science and technology)

1. They may have had taken a photo of our revolutionary model. ( had)
2. They wanted to know if that I had found out anything new. ( that)
3. If I were be you, I would make another attempt. ( be)
4. Never before once had he made real progress. ( once)
5. This it is not a natural way to deal with a problem of this sort. ( it)
6. You are not permitted it to carry out such a complex experiment. ( it)
7. Boys like to experimenting with their toys. ( to)
8. The psychology is not an exact kind of science. ( The)
9. If you will work out this problem, we will consider your appointment. ( 1will)
10. Preforming an experiment it is the only way to understand how things work. ( it)
11. She considered the matter, explained it to him and they had managed to come to the conclusion. ( had)
12. You won’t get this award unless your experiments will result in some kind of a discovery. ( will)
13. All the kinds of tests are carried out in this laboratory. ( the)
14. He was used to research this phenomenon as well but he couldn’t come up with a solution. (was)
15. When you will plan your research, it will come off in the end. ( will)
16. He crossed out different option in order to that narrow them down. ( that)
17. The more harder you try the more likely you will come on. ( 1more)
18. We hardly not plugged it in when it gave off some nasty smell. ( not)
19. This method it is believed to be not accurate enough. ( it)
20. Let’s face facts, shall we do? ( do)
21. She was seen to turning off the motor. ( to)
22. He asked me whether I was intended to go to the new library. ( was)
23. She kept talking about how so important her research was. ( so)
24. Would you love get artificial flowers as a present? ( get)

Для ознакомления с ответом выделите блок ( ). С первой частью можно познакомиться по ссылке. Продолжение этой серии публикаций доступно здесь.

Это задание на поиск лишних слов по теме Science and technology создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка error correction на уровне FCE.

Январь 17, 2016
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