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Упражнение на поиск лишних слов Часть 4

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с четвертой частью серии упражнений на поиск лишних слов (error correction) с опорой на такие учебные пособия как Destination B2 (лексика The media) и FCE Use of English (грамматика)

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов FCE (The media)

1. We should be learn about it from the media. ( be )
2. This discussion is the more productive than the one which was on Tuesday. ( the )
3. The article was disappeared from the editor’s office. ( was )
4. The columnist needn’t to have brought up that topic. ( to )
5. They made her to accept their offer. ( to )
6. I will inform you about possible changes in case I will hear from the announcer. ( 2 will )
7. John promised to take a care of the bulletin. ( a )
8. We don’t mind that taking part in various talk shows. ( that )
9. He was being proud of himself as his first book had come out. ( being )
10. Our announcer often goes to work by a car. ( a )
11. Where the journalist hasn’t been there is Madrid. ( there )
12. She had made several comments on the latest events last night. ( had )
13. I surfed the Internet for to get enough information for my home assignment. ( for )
14. A tabloid is expected that to give a fair descriptions of events. ( that )
15. She asked him what time he was being going to talk with the journalist. ( being )
16. She spent the all evening making up different excuses for being absent from work. ( all )
17. He asked us for to fill in various forms. ( for )
18. I wish if you would stop flicking through the magazine while I am talking to you. ( if )
19. The book I had found at home was full of such a useful information. ( a )
20. Their today’s quiz show is very more interesting than the previous one. ( very )
Для ознакомления с ответом выделите блок ( ). С первой частью можно познакомиться по ссылке. Продолжение этой серии доступно тут.

Это задание на поиск лишних слов по теме The media создано для закрепления лексики  и развития навыка error correction на уровне FCE.

Январь 18, 2016
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