Упражнение на поиск лишних слов Часть 5

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с пятой частью серии упражнений на поиск лишних слов (error correction) с опорой на такие учебные пособия как Destination B2 (лексика People and society) и FCE Use of English (грамматика)

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов FCE (People and society)

1. Our correspondence is to will arrive in an hour. (will )
2. Haven’t you been had the correspondence sent so far? (been )
3. You had better to stop putting down you friends. (to )
4. Could you let me to do something for you? (to )
5. As long as you will keep your promise, you can join in. (will )
6. The most people look up to their elder relatives. ( the )
7. We can make up as soon as they will stop blaming me for all their misfortunes. (will )
8. When I came, he was leaving and pretending to be busy in the morning. (and )
9. If only she had been settled down. (been )
10. I am see that you have fallen in love with him. ( am )
11. She was in disguise and as consequently nobody recognised her. ( as )
12. Who did picked on him? (did )
13. She might be is waiting for her friend to arrive. (is )
14. He enjoyed himself when he went for swimming the other day. (for )
15. The party was so pleasant as that nobody was willing to go home. ( as )
16. So much impolite was he that we had a terrible argument. (much )
17. Rarely ever is he so sensitive and sympathetic. (ever )
18. To win an argument you should be twice as more sensible as you normally are. (more )
19. There it seems that he is not in the mood for talking with anyone. (there )
20. All of students were taken aback when they learnt about their failure. (of )
21. I’d rather give you my approval than to fall out. (to )
22. She was rather nervous since she was had her computer delivered. (was )

Для ознакомления с ответом выделите блок ( ). С первой частью можно познакомиться по ссылке. Продолжение публикации вы найдете здесь.

Это задание на поиск лишних слов по теме People and society создано для закрепления лексики  и развития навыка error correction на уровне FCE.

Опубликовано: Январь 19, 2016
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