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Упражнение на поиск лишних слов Часть 8

В этой записи вы познакомитесь с восьмой частью серии упражнений на поиск лишних слов (error correction) с опорой на такие учебные пособия как Destination B2 (лексика Food and drink) и FCE Use of English (грамматика)

Упражнение на поиск лишних слов FCE (Food and drink)

1. Might does she still be grating cheese? (does )
2. The food was too hot for me to eat it. (it )
3. She suggested they doing the cooking while she was out. (they )
4. The meat will have had gone off by the evening. (had )
5. She will has to try out a new freezer. (has )
6. Did you get the bread be sliced? (be )
7. They had been had their bread baked. (been )
8. I suggested that he would drop in on her one day. (would )
9. He wondered how had to roast chicken. (how )
10. He is not being used to her turning up late. (being )
11. Tasty though it might as be, you had better follow the recipe. (as )
12. What a health food this is. (a )
13. No other oven is as much efficient as it is. (much )
14. You should steer the soup just so as it would be well prepared. (so )
15. Wherever is did you order that faulty cooker? (is )
16. So much tasty was fast food that he ordered another portion. (much )
17. He was thirsty and asked for a little fizzy drink. (a )
18. These frills are out of order, but the others ones are over there. (ones )
19. I’d rather you had kept on washing saucers. (had )
20. She would rather not to order fast food. (to )
21. They asked me to lay the table on my first day at the school. (the )
22. How could we run out of it? We had a plenty of meet yesterday. (a )
23. Could you mind drink to my health? (mind )
24. How far is it the restaurant? (it )

Для ознакомления с ответом выделите блок ( ). С первой частью можно познакомиться по ссылке. Продолжение серии публикаций на эту тему доступно тут.

Это задание на поиск лишних слов по теме Food and drink создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка error correction на уровне FCE.

Февраль 16, 2016
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