Упражнение на предлоги и фразовые глаголы (ЦТ 2009 по английскому языку варианты 7-8)

Продолжаем серию упражнений на предлоги и фразовые глаголы из тестов ЦТ по английскому языку на основе материалов централизованного тестирования 2009 года варианты 7-8.

Упражнение на предлоги и фразовые глаголы:

1.She had a lifelong commitment *** feminism.
(to ) on|to|at|with
2.She was crying because she thought he had not kept *** his promise.
() up|out|on|-
3.Applicants must have a degree *** foreign languages.
(in ) in|on |of|from
4.My parents were really angry *** my grades.
(about ) with|of|about|for
5.Can I buy you lunch in return *** your help?
(for ) to|of|for|with
6.They’re all still very upset *** losing the case.
(about ) for|at|with|about
7.Be nice to him — he’s been *** a lot of pressure recently.
(under ) under|on|in|with
8.Students must demonstrate fluency *** a foreign language to earn a degree.
(in ) at|in|of|on

Обобщение по теме предлоги и фразовые глаголы

1.Ann had a strong commitment *** her parents.
(to ) on|at|with|to
2.He hardly ever keeps *** his promises and it made his friends unhappy.
() up|on|-|out
3.You need to have a degree *** Arts to make a good curator of a gallery.
(in ) in|on|of|from
4.He were quite angry *** his failure at the exam.
(about ) with|of|for|about
5.What do you expect to gain in return *** your assistance?
(for ) to|with|of|for
6.They’re all still very upset *** losing the case.
(about ) for|at|with|about
7.Being *** a lot of pressure will lead to numerous mistakes and errors.
(under ) on|in|under|with
8.The colours of these samples don’t go *** well if you asked me.
(together ) to|out|together|across
9.Try harder or you will soon gain a bad reputation *** being reckless.
(for ) at|for|on|in
10.Please, don’t deprive him *** the few pleasures he has.
(of ) off|of|from|away

Это упражнение по теме «предлоги и фразовые глаголы» создано для организации занятий или самостоятельного изучения данной темы в английском языке на уровне upper-intermediate (B2) и при подготовке к сдаче экзаменов ЕГЭ/FCE.
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