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Упражнение на словообразование к Destination B2 Unit 18

Этой публикацией продолжается серия статей с упражнениями на словообразование по учебнику Destination B2. В этой записи отрабатываем материал из юнита 18 (Education and learning).

Список закрепляемых слов и их форм (Education and learning)

academy, academic, academically
attend, attention,
(in)attentive(ly), attendance, attendant
behave, behaviour
certify, certificate, certified
educate, education, educator, educational(ly)
fail, failure,failing
improve, improvement, improved
intense, intensity, intensify, intensely
literate, illiterate, (il)literacy, literature
reason, (un)reasonable, (un)reasonably, reasoning
revise, revision, revised
scholar, scholarship, scholarly, scholastic
solve, solution, (un)solvable
study, student, studies, studious
teach, teacher, taught think thought, (un)thinkable, thoughtful,thoughtless
understand, (mis)understanding, (mis)understood, understandable, understandably

Упражнение на словообразование FCE (Education and learning)

1. She was a(n) (studious) child, happiest when learning something new. STUDY
2. He received an award for outstanding (scholastic) achievement. SCHOOL
3. (Attendance) at the meeting was rather thin. ATTENTION
4. There must be some (misunderstanding). I have never said that. UNDERSTAND
5. His one big (failing) is that he never says he’s sorry. FAIL
6. I need a (revised) edition of a book. REVISE
7. I have seen no noticeable (improvement) in his results so far. IMPROVE
8. For many people this idea is alien, almost (unthinkable). THINK
9. I hereby (certify) the above information is quite accurate. CERTIFICATE
10. It’s (unreasonable) to expect your child to behave in a caring way if you behave selfishly. REASON
11. Teachers are asked to concentrate on (literacy). LITERATE
12. Most (educators) agree that class sizes are still too big. EDUCATE
13. She’s not deliberately unkind — she’s just a little bit (thoughtless) sometimes. THINK
14. She was not fully convinced by this line of (reasoning). REASON
15. This was the subject of intense (scholarly) debate… SCHOOL
16. She didn’t want anyone to know that she was (illiterate). LITERATURE
17. You have to do well (academically) to get into medical school. ACADEMY
18. His strongest criticism is reserved for his colleagues, whom he disliked (intensely). INTENSE
19. If you want to study there you have to apply for a (scholarship). SCHOLAR
20. The school would be noted for its (academic) excellence. ACADEMY
21. The storyline has twists and turns to challenge the (inattentive). ATTENTION
22. She writes (reasonably) good adventure books. REASON
23. Children living in rural areas may be (educationally) disadvantaged. EDUCATE
24. The final exam turned out to be a complete (failure) for him. FAIL
25. They take on people who are computer (literate) and have a good command of two foreign languages. LITERATURE
26. China is (intensifying) efforts to fight illiteracy. INTENSE
27. Fortunately, this problem seems to be not (unsolvable). SOLVE
28. I wasn’t surprised at her response, it was perfectly (understandable). UNDERSTAND
29. I am having my first exam on Friday so I am quite busy with doing last minute (revision). REVISE
30. She let a parking (attendant) park the car. ATTENTIVE
31. You look (thoughtful). You haven’t said a word. What is up? THINK
32. Scientists use this instrument to measure the (intensity) of the light. INTENSE
33. They were (understandably) upset at failing the last exam. UNDERSTAND
Для ознакомления с ответами вам нужно выделить пробелы. Первую часть вы найдете по ссылке. Продолжение публикации вы найдете здесь.
Это задание на словообразование по теме Education and learning создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка word formation на уровне FCE.

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