Упражнение на словообразование к Destination B2 Unit 2

Этой публикацией начинается серия статей с упражнениями на словообразование по учебнику Destination B2. В этой записи отрабатываем материал из юнита 2 (Travel and transport).

Список закрепляемых слов и их форм к теме Travel and transport

arrange, rearrange, arrangement
arrive, arrival
broad, breadth, broaden
culture, cultural(ly),(un)cultured
differ, different(ly), difference
direct, indirect, direction, director, (in)directly
distant, distantly, distance
enter, entrance
inhabit, inhabitant
photograph, photography, photographer, photographic
recognise, (un)recognisable, recognition
time, timetable
tour, tourism, tourist
world, worldwide

Упражнение на словообразование FCE (Travel and transport)

1. The city’s first (inhabitants) arrived in the 10th century. INHABIT
2. Do you have a train (timetable) to Cambridge that I could borrow? TIME
3. The book demonstrates a remarkable (breadth) of knowledge. BROAD
4. Could you (rearrange) the meeting for next week? ARRANGE
5. They (distantly) remember that the islands were the part of the empire occupied during the rebellion. DISTANCE
6. Since his (arrival) at the club, he has brought in several star players. ARRIVE
7. They deserve (recognition) for the tremendous job they are doing. RECOGNISE
8. They were last seen heading in the (direction) of Oxford. DIRECT
9. (Culturally), the city had a lot to offer to tourists. CULTURE
10. The country depended on (tourism) for its income. TOUR
11. Her smile (broadened) when I told her the good news. BROAD
12. The concert attracted a (worldwide) television audience of over half a billion people. WORLD
13. He comes from a completely (uncultured), lower middle-class family. CULTURE
14. They turned us away at the (entrance) because we hadn’t got tickets. ENTER
15. Morning or afternoon. It makes no (difference) to me. DIFFER
16. He played in the tournament but (indifferently). DIFFER
17. He was let off since he was (indirectly) involved in the robbery. DIRECT
18. The maps of the place were almost (photographic) in detail. PHOTO
19. After the accident, the car was completely (unrecognisable). RECOGNISE
20. We need to discuss (arrangements) for our journey. ARRANGE
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