Упражнение на словообразование к Destination B2 Unit 22

Этой публикацией продолжается серия статей с упражнениями на словообразование по учебнику Destination B2. В этой записи отрабатываем материал из юнита 22 (Money and shopping).

Список закрепляемых слов и их форм (Money and shopping)

accept acceptance, accepting, (un)acceptable, (un)acceptably
assist, assistance,assistant
day, daily, everyday
economy, economic, (un)economical(ly), economics, economist
end, endless(ly), ending, unending
expense (in)expensive(ly), expenses
finance, financial(ly),finances
invest, investment, investor
luxury, luxuries, luxurious(ly)
pay, paid, payment, payable
poor, poorly, poverty
real, unreal, really, realise, realisation, reality, realisticlal(ly)
value, (in)valuable,
(in)valuably, valueless, valuation
wealth, wealthy

Упражнение на словообразование FCE (Money and shopping)

1. I was shocked by the (realisation) of what I had done. REAL
2. Just buy what is necessary — never care about the (expenses)! EXPENSIVE
3. I don’t think that the risk is (acceptably) low. I wouldn’t try if I were you. ACCEPT
4. We spent a(n) (luxurious) weekend in the country. LUXURY
5. Current government policies may worry overseas (investors). INVEST
6. He wrote to a(n) (financial) column for the evening newspaper. FINANCE
7. Two million people in the country live in abject (poverty). POOR
8. I don’t know very much about the current (economic) situation. ECONOMY
9. This kind of behavior is quite (unacceptable) in a civilized society. ACCEPT
10. The information is updated on a(n) (daily) basis. DAY
11. Oh, I can’t explain it. It’s just (unreal). REAL
12. He had made some smart investments, so he was doing very well (financially). FINANCE
13. In (reality), the company was in the red and there was no way out. REAL
14. The (valuation) was based on earnings forecasts for the company in 2000. VALUE
15. They talked (endlessly) about local prices for coal. END
16. Purchase tax was not (payable) on goods for export. PAY
17. Be careful! Overdue (payments) may become an issue one day. PAY
18. There was a large variety of (inexpensive) good quality restaurants. EXPENSE
19. Planning your dream home? You can build a more (realistic) model with our new 3-D kit. REAL
20. They are looking for a personal (assistant) with good organizational skills. ASSIST
21. There is widespread (acceptance) of these principles. ACCEPT
22. He is independently (wealthy) and lives an unconventional lifestyle. WEALTH
23. Without his (assistance) I wouldn’t have achieved good results. ASSIST
24. Even the successful flying boats proved, in the end, (uneconomical). ECONOMY
25. She has always been a(n) (invaluable) source of information. She was much better than others. VALUE

Для ознакомления с ответами вам нужно выделить пробелы. Первую часть вы найдете по ссылке. Продолжение публикации доступно здесь.
Это задание на словообразование по теме Money and shopping создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка word formation на уровне FCE.

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