Упражнение на словообразование к Destination B2 Unit 24

Этой публикацией продолжается серия статей с упражнениями на словообразование по учебнику Destination B2. В этой записи отрабатываем материал из юнита 24 (Entertainment).

Список закрепляемых слов и их форм (Entertainment)

act, (in)active(ly), acting, actor, actress, action, (in)activity
amuse, (un)amusing(ly),amusement
bore, boring(ly), bored, boredom
converse, conversation
current, currently
entertain, entertaining, entertainment, entertainer
excite, (un)exciting, excited(ly), excitement
fame, (in)famous(ly)
involve, (un)involved, involvement
perform, performing, performance, performer
popular, unpopular, popularly, popularity
say, saying
suggest, suggested, suggestive(ly), suggestion
vary, varied,(in)variable, varying, variously, variation, variety

Упражнение на словообразование FCE (Entertainment)

1. The (inactivity) of the government led to chaos and a new revolution. They should have done something. ACT
2. This old language is spoken to (varying) degrees by young white people. VARY
3. He’s always coming out with wise old (sayings). SAY
4. He is regarded as very capable but (unexciting). EXCITE
5. I believe that (acting) makes a good hobby but a bad profession. ACT
6. The study evaluates (various) methods of weight loss. VARY
7. He had given up attending lessons out of sheer (boredom)… BORE
8. Your suggestion is being (actively) considered. ACT
9. The girl was a better songwriter than (performer). PERFORM
10. The new movie is a (variation) on the theme of the original ‘Blue Lagoon’. VARY
11. The book had a (boringly) predictable ending and decided not to read it to the very end. BORE
12. My dad was distant and cold and very (uninvolved) in my life. INVOLVE
13. They offer a wide (variety) of arts courses. VARY
14. The town provides a wide choice of (entertainment). ENTERTAIN
15. It was a painful and (unpopular) decision… POPULAR
16. She waved (excitedly) as the car approached the cafe. EXCITE
17. To our (amusement), he started singing in French. AMUSE
18. The school offers an exciting and (varied) programme of social events. VARY
19. There is something wrong with him. He was (inactive) during the lesson and hardly said a word. ACT
20. He is (currently) working as a high school hockey coach. CURRENT
21. The film (amusingly) pokes fun at the media. AMUSE
22. They had a rather long (conversation) about various books and films. CONVERSE
23. The singer enjoyed great (popularity) in the 1980s POPULAR
24. The problem requires the active (involvement) of the local authorities. INVOLVE
25. The results were highly (suggestive) of malignancy. SUGGEST
26. This area is (infamous) for drugs and alcohol. FAME
27. The current situation calls for immediate (action). We can’t wait any longer. ACT
28. The menu is (invariable) but the food is always good. VARY
29. The audience found the play (unamusing) and started to leave the theater before long the interval. AMUSE
30. The sitcom was (entertaining) and I offered to watch the second season too. ENTERTAIN
31. Julia Roberts is one of the most famous (actresses) in Hollywood. ACT
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Это задание на словообразование по теме Entertainment создано для закрепления лексики и развития навыка word formation на уровне FCE.

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