Упражнение на словообразование в английском языке Часть 11

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений на словообразование. Часть 11 основана на материалах книги FCE Use of English V.Evans.

Упражнение на словообразование

The whole system will be fully (operational) in 3 weeks. OPERATE
I have high (expectations) for this job. EXPECT
This area has some of the most wonderful (scenery). (SCENE)
Unlike (relativity) theory, quantum theory is beginning to have a really significant impact on technology. RELATE
If you look at the (attendance) record, you’ll see that it is exceptional. ATTEND
He was in the (enviable) position of not having to earn a living. ENVY
His behavior became (threateningly) violent. THREAT
Our minds function through the brain, nervous system, and (sensory) organs. SENSE
The song was dreary and (repetitive). REPEAT
We must protect older people from harm, whether it is real or (imaginary). IMAGINE
Style and colour are a matter of (personal) taste. PERSON
In all (likelihood) the vase was made in the tenth century. LIKELY
Shoppers these days are really (choosy) about where to purchase. CHOICE
I have reconsidered my (decision) to study abroad. DECIDE
They write letters demanding (humane) treatment of prisoners. HUMAN
It is a(n) (admirable) book, the first to tell the whole truth about the war. ADMIRE
(Admission) to the conference will be by invitation only. ADMIT
The local (population) gave them a hostile welcome. POPULATE
There is considerable (variability) in all the test scores. VARY
You have to admire the (artistry) of his poetry. ART
Cutting down the forest is sheer (madness). MAD
If you’re feeling (energetic), we could go out for a stroll. ENERGY
The cave descends to a(n) (depth) of 463 feet. DEEP
The students showed no sign of (nervousness). NERVE
They found the television cameras too (intrusive). INTRUDE
The company has a universally (recognisable) slogan. RECOGNISE
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