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Упражнение на словообразование в английском языке Часть 4

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений на словообразование. Часть 4 основана на материалах книги FCE Use of English V.Evans.

Упражнение на словообразование

Our meeting wasn’t planned — it was completely (accidental). ACCIDENT
Reducing the size of classes will improve (educational) standards. EDUCATE
I wish politicians would stop this (childish) name-calling. CHILD
She recalls her native London with cinematic (exactness). EXACT
He had done a lot of interviews to (publicise) his new book. PUBLIC
The report stresses the (necessity) of eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. NECESSARY
He gloved the ball, turned and threw in one (motion). MOVE
My calculations were based on the (assumption) that house prices would remain the same as they were. ASSUME
For heavy smokers, regular medical checks are (advisable). ADVICE
Being overweight (endangers) your health. DANGER
He was the chief (beneficiary) of his grandfather’s will. BENEFIT
My first job was as a graduate (trainee) with a bank. TRAIN
The (invitation) was printed out in beautiful italic script. INVITE
Your stamp collection must be quite (valuable) by now. VALUE
But whether artificial (intelligence) turns out to be good enough for the movie makers is likely to be another matter. INTELLIGENT
Many members thought the rules were too (restrictive). RESTRICT
We’ve had (spectacular) success with the product. SPECTATE
It was just pure physical (exhaustion) and then collapse. EXHAUST
What is good for individuals can be (destructive) to society. DESTRUCT
And the moral of the story is that (honesty) is always the best policy. HONEST
Random drug testing of employees is an invasion of (privacy). PRIVATE
There is an alarming (tendency) to regard money more highly than quality of life. TEND
The survivors were close to (starvation) when they were rescued. STARVE
His great (popularity) with art critics dates from that period. POPULATE
Among the guests was an (impressive) array of authors and critics. IMPRESS
These books have a startling (likeness) to one another… LIKE
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