Упражнение на словообразование в английском языке Часть 9

Продолжаем публикацию упражнений на словообразование. Часть 9 основана на материалах книги FCE Use of English V.Evans.

Упражнение на словообразование

The (central) theme of the book is the importance of honesty. CENTRE
The (operation) involves putting a small tube into your heart. OPERATE
That house had a very (economical) heating system. ECONOMY
Don’t miss our (introductory) offer! INTRODUCE
We need to call in an (electrician) to see to the problem. ELECTRIC
She had the (satisfaction) of knowing that she’d done everything she could. SATISFY
It’s important to gain good (publicity) for the project. PUBLIC
Buses rushed past at (frequent) intervals. FREQUENCY
Video cameras with night vision can be (activated) by movement… ACT
Men are all (alike) — I don’t trust them. LIKE
The house has (breathtaking) views from every room… BREATHE
In (desperation), we had to borrow some money from relatives. DESPAIR
This technology is (invaluable) for students with poor sight. VALUE
She’s a woman of artistic (sensibility). SENSE
The speech provoked an angry (response) from the public. RESPOND
All the uniforms were (personalized) with their initials. PERSON
Most people in the country support the return to democratic (government). GOVERN
He goes climbing at every available (opportunity). OPPORTUNE
The only (explanation) is that he misread the instructions. EXPLAIN
I don’t know how we’ll find the money, but I’m open to (suggestions). SUGGEST
More (adventurous) tourists can go skiing or snowboarding. ADVENTURE
I found local people very (hospitable). HOST
How can you be so (excited) about this stupid computer game? EXCITE
The (communicative) ability of the dolphin is thought to be highly developed. COMMUNICATE
My nephew showed a very vivid (imagination). IMAGINE
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